Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Matt and Jenna are two people who know themselves and what they want. And I must add: Creative! I had no idea about the theme until Marty and I arrived at Trotter Hall in Durham (my first wedding there!) for their wedding on January 11, 2014. They had simply transformed the multi-purpose space into their vision for their wedding and it was all vintage--not any old vintage pieces you could pick up here and there, but genuine keepsakes and heirlooms from their families. It was displayed on tables for both bride and groom's families. 
Groom's family table.
Bride's family table. 
Some pieces served functions like this old suitcase for cards. Each piece had a tag that identified whose it was, the date and where it came from. There was no way for me to keep track of all the information but it was there.
Here is an old ironing board that served as the table for the place cards cleverly made out of corks.
This old table had been made by an ancestor and on it was displayed many other keepsakes. 
 From Jenna's parents' wedding. 
This is Jenna's mom, Nancy, on her wedding day in 1974. Jenna wore this dress sans the sleeves for her wedding. 
Jenna's Dad, Bill, on left, is a founding member of the Unifour Brass Ensemble (founded in 1983) here except since he is the father of the bride he did not play. But he is giving them instructions! They were great!
 Jenna and Matt's photo graced one of the tables in the entrance. 
Each table had old mason jars with battery votives and a table number cleverly placed on a piece of old wood with a handle attached. They also used old Reader's Digest Condensed Books as props.
Trotter Hall (410 W. Geer St.) does not look like much from the outside but it is right in downtown Durham and the interior is well taken care of and quite spacious (6000 sq. ft.). You can see from the sign that it is truly a multi-purpose facility. There is also lots of parking in the back.
 This version of a guest book is about the only thing not vintage but the frame likely is! 
This wonderful variety of many cakes were made from family recipes handed down. How unique! The florist was Jenna's parents' backyard and ideas from Etsy. The photographer was Jason King of King Quality Photography. Q-Shack did the catering. Yummy! Great barbecue and collards! 
The bride was squirreled away in the kitchen and calm as a cucumber whereas Matt was near the front door, nervous and pacing! When it was time, their friend Mackenzie started the processional. First in was Jenna's grandmother escorted in by (I am guessing) her great grandsons. She was followed by the parents of the couple, then Matt, Zeph (Best Man) and I.
Whitney (Best Lady), was supposed to be next but hers and Zeph's little boy, Sawyer, less than 2 years old, got away from her and scampered across the dance floor to Daddy. We were rejoicing that he made it!
 Whitney took her place and I invited the guests to stand for the entrance of the bride and her father. 
Daddy transferred her hand into Matt's and gave her a kiss farewell and was seated. Matt was beginning to tear up at this point! I had my hankie handy!
 And so we began. Sawyer got a little fussy so his grandparents took over his care and we continued. 
 After a warm welcome, Matt's dad, Joe gave the blessing and good wishes. 
We paid tribute to their parents whose marriages have stood the test of time and have served as wonderful examples for this couple.
Everyone listened with rapt attention as I told the story of Jenna and Matt, from their meeting 4 years, 8 months and 3 days ago up to the proposal 4 years later. There were a few real good laughs!
One of Jenna and Matt's favorite stories is The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein. They wanted to share an abridged version with their guests. So, Kate narrated the story as slides appeared on the screen.
As the Missing Piece and the Big O roll every onward from place to place, adventure to adventure, so do Jenna and Matt.
 Time for the vows which they read to each other from my book. 
 Then the ring exchange. 
 The moment they legally become husband and wife.....
And out they danced into their new life as a married couple!  
Matt and Jenna, I am pretty sure your vision of your wedding came true! You did a remarkable job pulling this all together by yourselves, with the help of your loving families and friends. A real tribute to your heritages! I am proud to have joined you in matrimony and wish you the best always!

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