Friday, January 3, 2014

Liz and Jeff set their wedding date for December 29, 2013 at 1:00 PM hoping the weather would be nice and we could have the ceremony outside on the deck at Bass Lake Park in Holly Springs. But, it turned out to be a cold rainy day that gradually cleared up and the sun came out later in the afternoon.  

No matter the weather, it was warm and cozy inside with a view of the lake through the windows. Really impressive was the mantle that Liz rented and not only that, it was delivered! (Addendum: Here is the wonderful website for Farm and Filigree Vintage Rentals where Liz got this lovely mantle. I went to their website and it is amazing what props they can furnish for weddings! Go take a look!) She decorated it with floating candles, lanterns, photographs of loved ones and a wide ribbon of burlap pulled it all together. It definitely warmed up the reception area and, set on an angle in the corner,ly mantle. I went to their website and it is amazing what props they can furnish for weddings! Go take a look! 
Sweet Cheeks baked this sweet little cake adorned with flowers and a veil! There were about 40 guests and so the size was perfect. Liz and Jeff's moms catered the food. Flowers on Broad provided the beautiful flowers.
 A saying that is so true! 
Jeff told me that Liz was going to put some floating candles around the legs of the mantle until he reminded her that I was going to be standing pretty close with my back to it. Thanks, Jeff, although that would have been a pretty touch.
 The time drew near to start and the guests took their seats. 
The rest of us were standing around waiting to get started. On the left is Mark Jacoby, photographer. Mark and I have known each other for many years through weddings. He is also Jeff's stepfather so he was doing the honors capturing this sweet wedding in pictures for Liz and Jeff.
 And so it was time to get started, a little late, but that was okay. 
Jeff's beautiful daughters, Amber and Madison, in their pretty blush pink dresses and cowboy boots followed.
Our beautiful bride was escorted in by her sons, Sam and Jacob, who got a case of the "shys" as you can see in some of the following photos!
 The back of Liz's dress is so beautiful! 
 And so we began......
 Mom turned around and gave the boys a "look!" 
Then it was time for the children's blessing. Jeff had some sweet words for Sam and Jacob and funny thing, after that they seemed to calm down and we did not hear another peep from them!
 And Liz had some sweet words for Amber and Madison as well. 
Then I got to tell their story which is a good one. It began "Like many modern and savvy couples these days, Jeff and Liz met on e-Harmony around Thanksgiving of 2012." 
Eventually they met in person and some time later met each other's children. The big test! My favorite line from the story was about this first time meet-up with the kids: "Jeff had gotten Liz's boys some small toys to break the ice and Jacob, the youngest, sat right up in Jeff's lap, carried on a conversation with him then asked Liz if Jeff could be his step-daddy. Liz replied 'Eat another fry!'" 
 They wrote their vows to each other and read them from my book where they are printed facing them in large bold font.
 Then the rings.....
 The pronouncement......
 Yep, the KISS! 
Whoopee, married at last! Such a happy couple to finally tie the knot and officially all become one big family!
 Jeff and his beautiful daughters!
Jeff and his new sons, Jacob and Sam! They are three happy boys!
Liz and Jeff, thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in marriage. I know you are so happy and looking forward to a wonderful life together and co-parenting your lucky children. I wish you all the happiness in the world!
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