Friday, May 17, 2013

Today we were the marquee venue for the NECN Wedding Week finale.  Our gorgeous Grand Ballroom was highlighted by Event Planner Amy Kimball of Amy Kimball Events.

Here is a link to the video segment on NECN with lovely host, Jackie Bruno:  Beautiful Tabletop Video Hints create a hint of a certain British television show that is quite popular right now.  If you don't have your own castle, but want an historic and elegant setting, perhaps the Hawthorne Hotel Grand Ballroom is just what you need?

These beautiful, classically elegant centerpieces which were simply spectacular in our Grand Ballroom were designed and fabricated by Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio in Boston.  Their website is: Artistic Blossoms Website

Here is a photo of Amy and her assistant, Lisa, as they were putting the finishing touches on the tabletop.  You can reach Amy at Amy's Website or at 617-851-2166.  

She mixed lace and satin for the tablecloth, and used gold and silver as the metals for an eclectic, elegant look.

I hope you enjoy seeing this beautifully elegant setting in our gorgeous Grand Ballroom.

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