Sunday, May 26, 2013

Giselle and Thomas are a great couple and truly a great match! I loved working with them to design their very personalized ceremony and their love for each other is so evident and endearing. We first met last October when they came to see me about officiating their wedding. They chose the Museum of Life and Science in Durham because they are "scientifically minded" and wanted a non-religious ceremony. So, that is what we co-created with the synopsis of their love story and what they love and adore about each other. They also wanted to include their parents in the sand ceremony, beginning the foundation of their marriage with sand that symbolically represents their heritages.

Their wedding day was May 11, 2013 and the weather forecast was foreboding of stormy weather all week for Saturday. So the tent was put in place and if the weather was too bad, the interior of the museum would be our alternate site. But, surprisingly, the storms held off and we were able to have a lovely ceremony outside under the tent.
Above is the view of the overcast cloudy sky from the entrance of the Butterfly House. At least it was not actively raining for which we were quite grateful!
When Marty and I arrived, Aaron Dye (audio guy) and Kelly Taylor (events manager) were busy getting all set up under the tent. It was good to meet Aaron for the first timeand he let me plug my microphone into his system and we did a sound check. Kelly is always fun to work with and we have done many weddings together. She is really on the ball!
These two musicians provided prelude music. I believe the flutist, Pedro Segarra, is related to Giselle. 
Emily Chimiak provided violin music for the processional and recessional. The first people who processed in were the grandparents of the bride and the groom. 
Their processional had a little twist in it. The groom was presented by his parents after the groomsmen and groomswomen entered with me. Kelly is watching so she can tell us when to start walking.
Thomas and his parents, Norton and Linda, were next in, followed by the bridesmaids.
Our Maid of Honor, Erin, enters with Sara Joy.......
.....and our ring bearer, Carter. These children were extremely well-behaved!!
Pablo and Vivian are honored to present Giselle who looked so beautiful!
Their parents poured the first two layers. Giselle's family sand came from Culebra in Puerto Rico and Thomas' family sand was from New River, NC.
Joshua presented a reading of "I Remember" by Anne Sexton.
Juan, Giselle's uncle, presented in Spanish the words of Sonnet 17 by well-known Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. 
Then it was time to tell the couple's love story of how they met, fell in love and decided to marry. I believe at this point I said "At first, what intrigued Thomas the most about Giselle was that she was a scientist and a total babe!" 
After the vows, the rings, the closing blessing came the pronouncement of marriage, that moment when they legally became husband and wife.
Thomas laid that kiss right on Giselle! 
Wow, what a kiss, Thomas! 
Giselle and Thomas, I loved working with you and getting you married! So happy the weather worked out and was not storming. Please keep in touch and enjoy that wedded bliss forever!
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