Thursday, May 9, 2013

Charlie and Tamra originally planned to get married on Easter Sunday with just family present and booked me to officiate. We met in early January and discussed what they wanted in the ceremony. They definitely wanted to include Charlie's kids in the ceremony and recognize Tamra's parents. A few weeks later on January 23rd My husband Dave and I were at the airport waiting to catch a flight to Atlanta, then on to Puerto Rico for a getaway vacation while the wedding season was slow. At the same gate, Tamra and I spotted each other! She and Charlie were on their way to Beaver Creek for a skiiing trip. And, not only that, our seats were side by side! Imagine that. We had chosen our seats way before we ever met each other. We got to know each other better and I watched Charlie finish two crossword puzzles furiously and perfectly with an ink pen! The synchronicity of the Universe boggles my mind!

Not too long after returning from their trip, they contacted me to see if they could change their wedding date to April 20, 2013. They had decided they wanted a more festive wedding with more family and friends present. They had already planned a cocktail party for that evening at Chapel Hill Country Club to announce their marriage. The plans changed so that instead of announcing their marriage, the actual wedding ceremony would take place at the party with all their friends and family in attendance. I am always up to do a surprise wedding because they are so much fun so I was on board. And, we pulled it off beautifully!  Marty and I arrived about 8:30 and Jennifer Viscosi with Jennifer V Event Planning met us and got my microphone hooked into the Band's system.
Fresh Affairs had decorated the fireplace with pretty candles and flowers earlier in the day. Mark Holland with Moonstruck Video was already filming. Jeni Dwyer, photographer, was there too.
At about 9:00, the band "took a break" for Charlie to make some announcements. Charlie thanked everyone for coming and for supporting his F.I.N.N. Foundation which he founded to help fill the gap between medical needs and medical resources for those in need of facial reconstructive surgery and other plastic facial services. He is truly a very generous person and Tamra was right there by his side supporting his passion for helping people.
Finally they got to the announcement about their big surprise and I walked into the room on that cue.
 And so we began the nuptials! 
Charlie's kids, Garrett, Caitlin and Liam watch the ceremony and we recognized them during the ceremony.
 A funny story about Charlie's proposal here! 
 The legal moment--the pronouncement of marriage! 
 It's done, it's finally done! 
 I am so happy to have been a part of these two remarkable people's lives!
 Cupcakes and cake by Mindi Berke.  
 The band E3 with Sam Hill Entertainment provided the music. 
Tamra and Charlie, I am so happy you found me and gave me the honor of tying the knot for you. It was so much fun working with you. I love your spontaneity and your generosity! All the best!

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