Sunday, August 4, 2013

It has been almost 1 week since I began my 12 week weight loss challenge. I thought it might be a good time to first share with you some of my body stats so we can stay on track:

My Body Stats:
Weight: 71kg
Height: 171cm
BMI: 24 (within the healthy weight range *sigh of relief*)
-Please visit the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to receive a accurate calculation of your BMI

My Goal:
I would like to be a happy, healthy 65kg.

So how has my week so far been? Truth be told I have experienced my weak moments. I have what feels like a heavy addiction to chocolate – if I don’t get my daily dose I start to panic and all types of crazy are unleashed from deep within me. So whilst this hasn’t been the most pleasant experience for my fiancé I do feel each day is becoming a little easier to manage. For those of you that suffer from the same sweet tooth dilemma I offer the following:

1.   Avoid the all or nothing approach
As soon as you tell yourself (with chocolate in hand) this is the last piece im going to enjoy for a long time, the feeling of deprivation kicks in and before you know it your swimming in a sea of chocolaty goodness and the habit escalates. Rather than taking this all or nothing approach make a plan to cut down rather than to cut out. I have been enjoying a small piece every 3rd day and hopefully aim to cut right down to enjoy just a little piece once a week.

2.  Have a Plan
Ask yourself what would be an appropriate substitute for your chocolate addiction. I am finding that juicy fruits such as oranges and pineapple curve my sugar cravings or a refreshing pot of herbal tea (try peppermint or berry).

3.  Change the Type of Chocolates you eat
Rather than indulging in the common chocolate bar you find at your local grocers go for a dark chocolate or a more expensive and pure brand. When you eat a piece of chocolate take the time to really enjoy rather than mindlessly eating whilst in front of the TV.

This is certainly not an easy task and the thought of giving up the daily intake is certainly overwhelming - in fact as I type this I feel the urge to bolt to the local shop and buy up their entire supply for safe keeping. I assure you though this is achievable and can really make the difference on the scales. I encourage you to think of the big picture rather than the now. Goodluck on your journey and please feel free to share your experiences with us below.  

Yasmin xo 

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