Friday, August 9, 2013

Since posting different ceremony formats, complete wording for a full ceremony and lots of rituals and traitions we have had so many emails and comments from all of you asking for variations, other ideas and helpful hints. SO, we've put pen to paper and written a couple of introduction variations and a giving of the bride that you may want to use as a base when thinking about your wedding ceremony wording.

Let us know what you think!

Introduction 1

Welcome everyone; we are here to today to bear witness to the marriage of John and Leanne. They are grateful for your attendance and honoured to have you as their guest as they pledge their commitment to one another.

The ‘wedding’ is not over once the dress makes its way back into the box and the last remnants of the cake are eaten. The ‘wedding’ continues, it flows on into the marriage; the day to day experiences that become the life long memories for this couple. The happiness, the strength, the mutual love and sometimes the struggle.

‘Marriage’ becomes a bond as strong as the gold used to fashion the rings that each will today place on the others finger. As sure as the sun will rise each morning and set every evening without exception, so will your marriage partner be as constant.

The vows that are taken during a wedding ceremony are often no longer confined to or concern themselves with who objects or whether our marriage partner will obey. They simply ask the two individuals present to declare that when they come together on this day, with the one they have chosen to remain with for life, that it be just as sure as that sun rising and they remain just as constant and full of love as they could possibly ever imagine being.

Marriage is not a guarantee that everlasting happiness will ensue. It is not a signed contract that your marriage partner will never again make your heart ache or that you will never feel alone or worried, but……. It is an absolute declaration from you John, to Leanne and from you Leanne to John, as you stand before us today, that you are willing to risk it all to be for the other, that ever constant rising sun.

 Introduction 2

On behalf of Matthew and Sarah, I would like to welcome you here today. I’d also like to thank you for taking the time out from your busy lives to share in a moment that is special and life altering for the couple who stand before you today.

Among the noise and clutter of every day life, the ringing of phones, the shuffling of papers , the hurrying from place to place, love butts in. It makes us stop, if only for a few moments, we stop and take a breath and have the opportunity to remind ourselves of the things that really matter in life. We get to be a part of something that will be captured in time for ever.

As Matthew and Sarah stand apart from the rest of you today, they have invited you to share in their moment. To see them make their vows to love and care for one another for the rest of their lives and take the next step in their journey together as a married couple.

As their family and friends, you will make wishes for them as you look on; wishes of good luck and good fortune, happiness in whichever form it may come and as you, Matthew and Sarah, stand here today, in front of all of those who have a special place in your life, may you feel those good wishes and know that you are truly loved and supported.

Marriage is a road not taken lightly, but it is a journey made easier when you are surrounded by love and support.

On this day, the day of your marriage, we wish for you only good things and hope that those good things will be found in a life that is spent together.

Giving of the bride option 1

Celebrant: Maria arrived today accompanied by her two sons Ryan and Brett. (add in person eg. Brother, both parents etc)

As a woman of her own mind and control over her own choices, I need not ask in the traditional sense, ‘who gives this woman’ as she belongs to no one but herself and therefore cannot be ‘given’ or ‘taken’ . I ask her simply “Maria, have you come of your own free will, with love in your heart?”

Maria: “Yes, I have”

To her escort/s “And on behalf of her family and friends, do you bring with you their blessings?”

Escort/s: ‘Yes I/we come with her family’s blessings”

Celebrant: “Thank you.” (Escort/s join the other guests)

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