Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last October I met Trisha and Kevin when they came to see me about officiating their wedding. They had chosen the date of March 30, 2013 at The Hall and Garden at Landmark, an elegant venue in Garner near the intersection of I-40 and Hwy 42. I have done many weddings there and have watched the landscape mature through the years into a gorgeous garden, an oasis in a busily traveled area.
The Ballroom is located on the third floor and is very spacious with elegant dressing room areas for the bride and her maidens and the groom and his men.  
This lovely cake was made by sister of the groom, Dawn Daughtry. 
This is where the wedding party emerges to line up for the processional into the garden. 
And this is what the garden looked like prior to the wedding. Who would ever guess there is a busy street behind that row of trees in the back.
The wedding day turned out to be a beautiful day! The flowers were blooming in abundance under the crepe myrtles who put out their leaves and blossoms later on.
At my recommendation to Trisha, Matt Kanon was on hand to provide the ceremony music.
The start of the wedding was delayed about 15 minutes and then we started. 
After the Kevin's grandmother and the parents and stepparents were escorted in, our bridesmaids carefully stepped onto the grass.
They were so worried that their spike heels would sink and so they put their weight on their toes!
Doing okay! 
The Maid of Honor takes her walk down the aisle. The bridesmaids wore these elegant black dresses and the large red flowers in their hair added just the right touch!
This wedding was filled with children of all ages. I could not resist putting all these great photos of them coming in. Love the red dresses!
They made it fun and were not the least bit intimidated by all the people watching them! We captured our photographer, Erika Sherrell, in the background of this photo! 
Our honorary wedding director, Brooke, had to get into the action to direct them in. 
This is Malachi, our ring bearer. He is Trisha's 6 year old son. 
Our final flower girls! 
Trisha looks so beautiful. Looks like she is taking a big breath seeing everyone standing in her honor as her step-father, Paul, escorts her in.
Welcome everyone! 
"Malachi, your mom and Kevin want you to know that you are very much a part of their relationship and you will always be loved and appreciated for who you are."
Now it is time for their "story!" Notice that we finally got a smile from J.B., best man and father of the groom!
They read their vows to each other from my book. 
"I give you this ring,
as a symbol of my love.
With it, I vow to honor the promises
I have made to you 
today, tomorrow and always."
They all pour their sand symbolic of family unity. 
"...we rejoice to recognize you as husband and wife. May you always hold one another in the light of all light, the love of all love and may all your days together be as the stars in the sky--numerous and bright. Kevin, you may kiss the bride!"

Trisha and Kevin, I am so happy for you! May you be blessed with a lifetime of abundance and happiness!

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