Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last July, I met Lindsay and Andrew about officiating their wedding on April 14, 2013 at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh. They fell in love with it when they saw it and booked it. We got to know each other and talked about what they envisioned for their wedding ceremony. They were intrigued that I wanted them to look through my ceremony material and choose what touched their hearts. They also loved the idea of including their story. So, we signed the contract, they paid my fee and we got started. The rehearsal was the day before and we were all set for the wedding day. It was a beautiful day for a wedding!
Michael McLamb of Fleurtations did the pretty florals. Jenn Carlin with Rocky Top Hospitality was busy with her crew setting up to do a quick "turn" of the chapel into a reception hall after the ceremony. And, did you notice the purple up-lighting at the altar? It was really different and really jazzed up the chapel. Their color theme was purple, of course, and their DJ, Lenny Fritts, was very happy to provide not only the music but the up-lighting too. 
And speaking of Lenny, here he is in his matching lavender vest. So spiffy! Love working with Lenny. He always goes above and beyond what is asked of him. 
What an attractive guest book! 
So, when the guests had all arrived, we got started. Their friend Jevon, was the honorary wedding director, took his job very seriously and did a fabulous job! Thanks, Jevon.
Sadly Lindsay's father passed away in December, and so her mother, Terry, escorted Lindsay in.
Stepping up their relationship to a newer, higher level. Love that symbolism.
Despite Andrew's proclivity toward precision, having served in the military, he is very sentimental and became quite emotional as Lindsay walked down the aisle toward him. I had my hankie ready! He is such a fine young man. He told me that he really has no family of his own and therefore considers Lindsay's family his family.
The look of love~~~~~~
Their story is a sweet one. They met in Colorado where they were both living. They were both too young for a serious relationship but developed a strong friendship. When Lindsay and her mother decided to move back to North Carolina, Andrew made a bold decision and decided to move to North Carolina too. It was at this juncture that their relationship began to get serious and they have never looked back. Their devotion to each other is very touching.
"I place this ring on your finger and my heart in your hand. I have no greater gift." 
I think Lindsay and Andrew are both thinking~~wow, we are really married now!
"May I present to you for the first time, Andrew and Lindsay, husband and wife!" 
Their photographer, Erin Costa, got some good shots of them coming down the aisle!
The happy new family, now official! The maid of honor is Lindsay's sister, Jacy. Such pretty women Andrew has surrounded himself with! You rock, Andrew!

Andrew and Lindsay, you are one great couple. I am so happy you found each other and that you have such love and respect for each other. I know your marriage will be a happy and successful one. I wish you all the best forever!

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