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With all of the different things that are already on your mind, you don't want to deal with choosing a catering style for your wedding on top of everything else. Before you meet with your caterer company, you should think about the type of wedding that you want. This helps you determine the best type of catering for your event and which one you want to use. Once you pick a catering type, you'll have one less thing you need to worry about in the coming months.


A buffet wedding reception is one of the more popular types because it is one of the cheapest options for caterers. Instead of paying for waiters to walk around or bring food directly to your guests, your guests walk to the buffet to get their food. The buffet typically has several types of dishes that workers serve from chaffing dishes, which keep the food hot or cold. Guests pick up plates and utensils at one end of the table, get their food as they walk down the table and exit at the opposite end.

Appetizer Reception

An appetizer reception, also known as a finger food reception, lets you save money by focusing on smaller dishes instead of full meals. Guests receive appetizers, finger foods and other small dishes that they can eat while standing around the room. These receptions often use waiters and waitresses, who pass the food around the room, ensuring that all guests get something to eat.

Seated Meals

A seated meal reception is one where all of your guests sit down to eat. This is often the most expensive option because you need to hire enough waiters and waitresses to cover all of the tables, and if you have a larger wedding, you might spend hundreds on the wait staff. The wait staff brings food directly to the table, clears the plates between courses and give your guests refills on drinks.

Serving Types

There are a few different types of servings available for weddings when you choose a seated meal. With Russian service, the wait staff brings the dishes to the table on a large platter and passes the dishes out to guests. Plated service is a little more expensive because each table has several waiters and waitresses who bring the plated food to the table. This ensures that every guest receives service at the same time. Another option is something referred to as French service. One waiter brings a platter of food to the table, while another waiter passes that food to those at the table.

Knowing which type of service you want before you meet with your caterer can help you cut down on the time you spend in the office, giving you more time to deal with your other wedding details. 

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