Sunday, April 27, 2014

First wedding of 2014 in my garden. Felicia and Jacob are both quite young and so much in love. But, they have known each other since grade school and went through high school together with secret crushes on each other. It was not until they went away to college that their affection for each other began to surface. And so their long friendship blossomed into romance, then serious love and they soon became inseparable. They did not want to wait until they could afford a more elaborate wedding and I was happy to do the honors in my pretty garden on Easter Sunday April 20, 2014. (My husband Dave and I got married in the very same spot on Easter Sunday 15 years ago although I had not transformed it into the garden yet!)
Jacob was all decked out in a tux with a boutonniere. He stood there so patiently waiting for everyone to arrive and for the bride to get ready!
 Felicia's father, Michael, walked her down the aisle. 
The azaleas were in full bloom although my confederate jasmine had gotten severely bitten by the freezing weather we had this winter. But, I think it will come back. The rest of the trees had all leafed out in pretty vibrant green. 
It was a simple ceremony which included a warm welcome to the guests and honoring of their parents. 
 Asking Jacob the questions to which he answered "I Will." 
 Their parents....... 
 Same questions for Felicia.
 The rings........ 
 Looking around at all their loved ones who are gathered in their honor. 
Felicia's veil had gotten a little crooked (probably from the kiss!) and her hair fell forward and being the mother that I am, I just had to fix it for her!
Congratulations, Felicia and Jacob! I wish you many happy years ahead and the fortitude and love to meet any challenges life puts in front of you!
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