Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's catch precise to it, here are the reveals from day one including their ideas, my top rated looks, and… my most severe.

I will not talk about each display but I’ll go over the selections that get the most quantity of press and produce the media’s benefit.

Lou Dalton
Inspiration: Urban meets rural in a 1983 type of way Preferred Looks: These two below seem to emote a attractive sartorial sensation while keeping a fun advantage with the comparison patches and flap on the pockets.

Preferred Look: I experienced the lux blue shiny fabric but Lou… did you have to utilize so friggin much of it?

Topman Design
Inspiration: A trip to the top of the Himalayas.
Preferred Looks: Popped parkas and men’s dresses say it all.

Least Preferred Look: I like what they have ended with the parka’s this season but this one comes across all too ordinary for my preferences.

Meadham Kirchhoff
Inspiration: A 2012 Preferred Looks: Well… there was not a favourite… (I did not individually really like this collection) but I did discover these two looks quite wonderful in their own way.

Least Preferred Look: Among the rubbish and Nike footwear were… these two fellas… do not know what to say here except, I’m sure they have excellent personalities…

Richard Nicoll
Inspiration: Commercial, post-punk motivated essentials mixed with de-constructed neoclassicism

Preferred Looks: I passed away when I saw this print for men. It’s fresh and fun with a jab of messy junipers and a jolt of juiced-up jackals. Didn’t make sense? Encourage the alliteration on top of the print and you will be aware of… Or possibly you will comprehend it just as much as I comprehend most London, designers… not at all.

Least Preferred Look: Okay I said I liked the print but do not get crazy! And do not pair it with orange…

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