Saturday, July 12, 2014

Boeing recently released an incredible set of renderings regarding the interiors of its brand new space capsule, which is scheduled to be ready for space flight in 2017. Dubbed CST-100, the capsule was initially designed as a means of transportation for astronauts and cargo pieces to the International Space Station, but as its design evolved, the capsule started to become more and more luxurious and comfortable.

Based on Boeing’s vast experience in commercial air travel, it comes as no surprise that its space capsule would feature interiors that are more orientated towards comfort and privacy. Mood lighting and a reduced number of windows are just some of the most important aspects regarding the interior of this futuristic capsule.

The CST-100 would be operated by a crew of 7 that would have complete control over its functions thanks to a high-end system based on tablets. As far as the passengers are concerned, they would be able to check their email or enjoy access to various online entertainment facilities during their flight.

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