Saturday, July 12, 2014

A new first in the world of watersports is here, ladies and gentlemen! Behold the Water Hoverboard, an awesome contraption that will make your body pump adrenaline like there’s no tomorrow! It is the perfect new toy for this summer and we know many of you will love it.

After having created the Flyboard (which was basically a water jet pack), Franky Zapata has brought something new to our attention and we’re kind of hooked already. The Water Hoverboard features a powerful water jet that can propel a grown person to up to 16 feet above the water.

Once you learn how to master the beast, it will probably become your favorite summer activity ever. You will be able to perform all sorts of flips, spins and other tricks at 16 miles per hour or so. Lazy summer days are over if you ask us!

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