Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I vakker solnedgang, med hunden sin fikk de sin romantiske forlovelsesshoot til minne dem på resten av livet den kjærligheten de har til hverandre. Drøm deg bort i vakkert lys, kjærlighet, og en supersjarmør av en hund. Alt fanget perfekt av Travis Kaenel Photography.

FOTOGRAFEN FORTELLER: Ana and Will are a passionate couple. You can see their love for each other in the little ways that they touch, just enough to let the other know that they are totally and completely enraptured in the moment. Their dog Storm is no small piece to the puzzle either. When the three of them showed up to where we did their shoot, they immediately started to play with each other, Ana and Will encouraging Storm to run his heart out as he should. The rolling hills and the soft setting sun were a perfect setting to display how right this threesome is with the world, in their perfect love triangle. Bliss.


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