Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm back! Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past few weeks. This is my first wedding since undergoing surgery on June 30th and I am feeling almost 100%. Natalia and Rett's wedding was a great one for me to do to test myself since it was a small intimate ceremony in their home with 13 guests. Marty and I arrived there on Sunday July 27th at 5:45 for the 6 PM wedding. It took place out on their small deck but they had measured carefully and got 13 chairs out there!
They wanted to include the Family Unity Sand Ceremony so a small table with the containers and sand was positioned in the corner of the deck.
Rett's boutonniere was not quite in the right place so I moved it up a bit for him. 
And so it was time to begin. Rett and his son Ryan joined me on the deck, then Rett's daughters Lauren and Lila joined us. Lila sprinkled lots of pretty petals.
 Then it was time for Natalia and her mother, Elena, to enter. 
 There was not enough room for all of us to stand up front so the kids took seats.
 And we began the ceremony. 
 I liked that there was room for me to stand beside the couple instead of behind them the whole time! 
They hired Iron Glass Jack with Bridal Spectrum Photography to photograph their wedding and you can see that there is a small aisle created just for him to get around. Because of the space limitations, Marty, my assistant, was just inside the sliding glass doors. She got some amazing photos from there--many more than I thought she would be able to get. And, all these photos were taken with my iPhone!
 There was the sweetest blessing for the children and Natalia had written special words for them. 
We also recognized Natalia's mother who had traveled all the way from Mexico to be with us. Rett's dad and his wife were there as well. Sitting behind Elena is Amelia, Natalia's chosen sister and best friend, and her husband Daniel who traveled to be here today too.
 Lauren's turn to pour her sand into the container.
 Then after everyone had added their sand, Natalia and Rett topped it off by blending theirs together. 
 A closing blessing....
 The pronouncement of marriage......
 Finally, the KISS! 
 And here they are--husband and wife! 
 So happy! 
Their beloved Charlie wisely hid out inside the house during the ceremony but we coaxed him out afterwards for a photo!
What a good looking couple, so much in love! Congratulations, Natalia and Rett! I am so happy you found each other and I wish you the best of everything forever!
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