Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WOW! What a great wedding! Beth and Mike married at The Stockroom in downtown Raleigh on March 8, 2014. They assembled a great team to pull it all together. Kailey with A Southern Soiree was their wedding planner and director. Her boss, Megan (a former bride of mine), came to the wedding as Kailey's assistant because she was friends with one of the bridesmaids and wanted to see this beautiful wedding.
Expressions of Love was the florist. The wispy silver branches dripping with bling and flowers made a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony. In the middle is the table holding their Wedding Wine Box.
The ceiling lights were hung in a starburst pattern with a lovely chandelier in the center. Get Lit Special Events Lighting created this along with some up-lighting along the walls for the reception. 
The Stockroom@230 has become a very popular and special place for weddings. It is right downtown--230 Fayetteville Street. The art gallery next door serves as the holding area prior to the ceremony for the bridal party and after the ceremony it is where the guests go for cocktail hour while The Stockroom is being flipped for the reception.
Beth and Mike chose the Wooden Wedding Box Ceremony. This beautiful box holds a bottle of wine and during the ceremony they add sealed hand-written love letters about all the qualities they love in each other.
Flower petals and floating candles lined the aisle. (So much better than an aisle runner! If you read this blog you will know I have a thing about aisle runners and how dangerous and messy they can be!)
Elegant Ensembles provided the beautiful music for the ceremony.  
Their photographers, Charo and Mike, provided photographs for their guest book where the guests could write notes to the couple.  Belle's Catering and The Cupcake Shoppe provided the food and cake.
 Andraya is our sweet little flower girl and she did her job perfectly! 
This is the sign she is bringing down the aisle. I bet Beth got that idea from Pinterest. In fact, she told me that is how she found me! Pinterest
 Mike and I are laughing as Andraya comes down the aisle.
 Our gorgeous bride and her father float down the aisle while the guests are standing in her honor. 
 Beth had the most exquisite dress that fit her to a tee. 
Andraya is holding her mother's bouquet while her mother, Shannon, Matron of Honor, holds Beth's bouquet.  
The ceremony begins. They each had 10 attendants. The guys were dressed in medium gray suits and navy blue ties. They were so handsome.
 Beth and Mike worked hard getting their story worded just right. I loved it. And so did their guests. 
There was quite a bit of laughter as you can see. Especially when I told of Mike's predetermined steps a relationship must go through before making a permanent commitment, being the orderly, detailed engineer that he is!
 Then what they each told me in confidence they loved about each other was revealed for the first time. 
 They read their vows to each other from my book. 
Beth shed quite a few tears during the ceremony and we passed the hankie back and forth. Here I am going to dab the tears that were running down her cheeks during her vows.
They exchanged rings and it was time for them to place their letters in the wooden box with the wine and lock it.
 Phil and his associate with 21 Films was videoing the ceremony. 
 Their friends Heather and Erica presented the Irish Wedding Blessing. 
 The pronouncement! 
 "We're really married!"
Yes! Throughout their courtship, Mike was a persistent and patient pursuer of Beth. Now, it's done! He got THE girl of his dreams! Of course Beth would tell you she got THE man of her dreams!
 Taking the scene in! 
The bride and groom and wedding party and parents disappeared into the stairwell to wait for the guests to clear the room. Then we came back in to take a few photos.
I wanted you to see how gorgeous Beth's wedding gown is. It is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and I see a lot! It was a soft champagne with just a touch of blush. So perfect for this beautiful bride!
Mike and Beth, you were a joy to work with and your love is so inspirational. You are just perfect for each other and I think you know it! My best wishes for your happiness forever! 
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