Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kevin and Virginia wanted a small intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by their family and closest friends prior to their reception on November 10, 2013 so they chose to be married in my wedding garden. With all the rain and dipping temperatures that had been abound in our area, they lucked out with a beautiful fall day. 
Virginia is quite the detailer and had the timeline all mapped out. She arrived with her entourage of 4 bridesmaids and shortly thereafter, Kevin and his 4 groomsmen arrived.  Pink and black was the color scheme and coordinated with the black and white sneakers!  When family members arrived, we actually started earlier than planned. Our photographers, Kate and Mike Marchetto, were right there capturing this wedding for our couple in photographs while my husband Dave snapped the ones here for this blog. 
One of the groomsmen played music on Kevin's iPhone as Virginia and her brother Jonathan entered.
Hugs before the "hand-off".......
Their parents got the front row seats.
View from my upper deck.
Virginia and Kevin had written love notes to each other, sent them to me then they heard them for the first time during the ceremony.
They made their vows to each other.
Exchanged rings......
The pronouncement of marriage1
Ringing the bell for the kiss!
Congratulations, you two! Your love for each other was radiating to everyone! I wish you all the best!

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