Monday, November 25, 2013

Nancy Jo and Nick have both been married before so when they met each other, they knew they had met their soulmate and their courtship quickly evolved into the decision to marry sooner rather than later. Nancy Jo also became quickly attached to Nick's 6 year old son, Zach. They wanted a date in October but since St. Mark's Chapel was already booked, they settled on November 17, 2013. It turned out to be a gorgeous fall day and their wedding colors of orange and purple were spectacular. 
The altar chest at the chapel was beautifully decorated with fall leaves, candles, lanterns and flowers.
This sweet little historic chapel owned by the City of Raleigh is one of my favorite venues. It holds 55 people and is easily decked out for a wedding.
Love the assortment of pumpkins with the burlap wreaths and candles artfully done by Zac Salazar, an interior decorator and friend on Nancy Jo's. The candles, by the way, are battery operated ones. Candles with real flames are not allowed due to the chapel's age and risk of loss.
That little red-headed boy all dressed up in his suit and boutonniere is Zach. Looks like he is quite happy that some of his friends were at the wedding too!
It is time to get started. Look at that absolutely brilliant red tree in the background! And our best man, Chuck, and groom, Nick, in the foreground.
Nick and I processed in followed by Chuck, then Zach, then Nancy Jo's Goddaughter, Helayna, and her matron of honor, Melissa.
Nancy Jo is herself a photographer and covering her wedding is Jennifer Woodlief, one of her photographers at Nancy Jo Photography.
Here comes our beautiful bride! 
It is customary to close the doors before the bride enters. The music changed and the guests were invited to stand in honor of the bride.
"There is an old tradition that the family and friends give the beloveds to one another as an acknowledgement of their support for this union. I believe all of you here qualify as the friends and family of Nick and Nancy Jo. So, please answer 'We do' when I ask, 'Who has the privilege of presenting this woman, Nancy Jo, to this man, Nick?'" Of course I got a rousing "We do!"
After the opening words we passed around a dish containing the rings for a ring warming ritual. Then a prayer and remembrance of those no long on earth, especially remembering Nancy Jo's parents.
Then we gave a nice tribute to Nick's parents followed by a blessing for Zach.
Nancy Jo said some very sweet words to Zach and made her promises to him.
And then she presented him with a handsome pocket watch as a memento of this special occasion. He looks pretty happy about it!
Then we continued with the couple's story, what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. This flowed into their vows to each other and the ring exchange.
There was a closing blessing which their guests read to them in unison and I then made the pronouncement of marriage and invited them to kiss each other!
Did not get a shot of the kiss but this was right after it! 
And they walk into the next chapter of their lives together--marriage! Here is a link to a video of their wedding and reception:
Nancy Jo and Nick and Zach, what a great family you are! I know you are so happy to be official and beginning this next step together. I wish you all the best forever!

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