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Anna & Joel giftet seg i Uppsala - Sverige 23. mars 2013, på en klar og crispy vårdag. Festen ble holdt på det storslåtte og vakre slottet Ilalina i Uppsala. Alle stedene de tok bilder, har brudeparet tilknytning til, og mer om det - og deres kjrælighetshistorie, kan du lese om nederst i bloggposten. Det tok nemlig tre frierier og 10 år før Anna svarte ja. Dagen ble fanget av Lönnbacka Photography. Se og nyt.

FOTOGRAFEN FORTELLER: Do you remember the feeling of the sun's first warm spring rays? In Sweden that really is something to celebrate. The amazing floral artist Monika Ågren had worked longer than anyone could guess to get the right lilies, snowdrops, lilies of the valley, ranunculus and crispy tulips + other spring bulbs to knock out just in time for the wedding. Tying their personality with their connection to surroundings, friends, love, family and their profession to a wedding is very clever and has taken a lot of weddingplanning.

"Finally! The 3rd time I asked her to marry me Anna said yes! It took 10 years, a lot of wine and an expensive trip to Venice but now it's finially happening! If you would agree to come and celebrate with us? ",  Joel said in the wedding invitation. "We guarantee an event full of sentimentality, tasty/ unappetizing food and loud music. Hopefully you will remember it for a long time to come.", he finished. Approximately 140 invited guests turned up the 23rd of March in Holy Trinity Church in Uppsala. The day was agreed to follow their engagement in Venice exactly two years earlier. They wanted to have an early spring wedding ! Both are from Uppsala and has in one way or another related to the places these weddingphotographs was shot during the wedding day: the Univeristy House, and in the Anatomical Theatre Museum at Gustanavium. Reception was held in Vasa Sale at Uppsala Castle, by far the most intriguing reception hall in Uppsala with superb service, and walking distance to the church. Champange was held in an adjoining room a few floors up in one of the castle's environments. The bride and groom made their entrance when all guests were gathered. To all the kids delight they got to have their own wedding dinner at Pelle Tailless House nearby the castle. When the wedding was planned Anna and Joel wanted somehow to connect with the feeling of Venice carnival that they experienced during the engagement journey. That is why it was no champagne but the traditional Bellini drink and canapés. Dance Group Branikula mingled in period costumes and performing with the dance from the 1700s. The bridal bouquet, also designed by Monika Ågren, had an incredibly beautiful wild feel with some rugged branches. (The bride's father is an expert on mosses and lichens). The bouquet was a detail related to the groom's profession as Fish Chef : bones from pike was threaded on wire layered with glass beads. And WOW on the lichen-covered branch with prisms and wire that hung over the couple instead of the traditional bow. Amazing! The focus was not only on history and culture and the bride's great interest in art, but also on the grooms amazing interest and talent in food. And not any food. The crew from Hamberg's Catering, who cooked and served this amazing food was fascinating - The best. At eight o'clock the weddingdinner started. The spectacular weddingmenu consisted included 6 courses: Snail , frog, octopus , oysters , rum, lobster , clams, monkfish , cheeses and chocolates in with accompanying wines, quince, pernod, garlic, crisp bread and lemon, and more wine kept the guests very happy. And their stomachs very full. The party finished off with live music by the cool rockers in the band Hot Creole. Not a soul could stand still. This will sure be a wedding to remember. Very much planning had appointed the right people in all the right places at the right time.

LEVERANDØRER: Bryllupsfotograf: Lönnbacka Photography // Hår Stylist:  Stylelab // Catering: Hambergs Fish // Caterer: Pelle Svanslös Hus // Blomster Designer: Monika Ågren // Musikk: Hot Creole // Selskapslokaler: Ilalina Fest & Konferens // Cinema og Video: Lönnbacka Art  // Brudepikekjoler: Little Fairies // Brudekjole: Skräddare Ebba Montgomery via Stockholm Brud och Fest // Makeup Artist: Pure // Smykker: Euforica og Suzanne Färnert Guldsmedsmästare // Brudgommens Antrekk: A. Marchesan

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