Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kris and Emily met in high school 10 years ago. They were best friends first and hung out together all the time, but as the years marched on, they finally pronounced themselves officially dating after having completed their college degrees. They have had some challenges--health, work, unemployment--but their love is so strong that they survived all these roadblocks and their relationship was actually strengthened. I found Emily and Kris such creative people with great imaginations and they brought it all forth for their wedding. Every little detail was thought out and had their stamp on it. Their wedding was October 5, 2013 at the Reedy Creek Shelter #1 at Umstead Park. 
So, when Marty and I arrived, we were greeted by this sign pointing the way.
Emily is so crafty! They are Ninja aficionados and she had crocheted each boutonniere and attached a little figure. I am not up on this lore so I don't know the name of the figures but they all had special meaning. This one is the Father of the Bride's.
 I don't know who did the flowers but they were stunning!
These two women were photographing the wedding. They were having a blast and do it only for friends.  They had no business cards so I did not even get their names.
The bride and groom did a "first look" so we were all hiding out behind the little stone building out of sight of the guests before the ceremony.
 Their two grandmothers were their "flower girls!" 
I think we are ready. I directed the parents in and when Darryl, father of the groom, returned to bring in the bride, he directed the bridesmaids in after the guys and I entered. It worked out quite well but I sure am glad we had a rehearsal the day before.
Emily is such a gorgeous young woman. Her coloring is striking and her bridal gown fit their theme perfectly!
What a beautiful setting. This was the perfect place for them--out in nature and the patio was the perfect size for their guests. Their reception was at Burning Coal Theater in downtown Raleigh.
I like to step out from behind the couple to welcome the guests and to tell the couple's story.
Time to smooch it up! 
 "Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!"
Emily and Kris, what a fabulous job you did on your wedding. The details were amazing and you gave me such great material for your story and secret paragraphs. I loved all the laughter! I know you are embarking on a happy and satisfying marriage and I wish you all the best!!
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