Thursday, July 11, 2013

For a couple of years Tess and Kevin's stars had been aligning themselves for their paths to cross. Tess could not understand why she kept being lead back to Goldsboro, first for her training and then again a year and a half later. But, in retrospect, she now understands because 8 months later on October 30, 2010, she met Kevin--the day before Halloween and in one of her favorite places in the world, Starbucks. They were instantly attracted to each other and delighted to discover they both worked in retail sales although for competing stores! They both work long hours and the silver lining is that they both understand the demands of the other's career. Kevin popped the big question in June of 2012 and a few months later they bought a house in Clayton having both received promotions at work. And the wedding planning began in earnest. They chose Caffe Luna because they wanted a fun, easy-going setting and chose the date of Sunday June 16, 2013 where they could have the whole place for their wedding. Then they hired their vendors, including me, and we got started on their wonderful ceremony. Their photographer was Brandi Leigh, florist: City Florist of Clayton, and DJ Emilio. Their wedding coordinator was Monica Noa with Nouveau Events.  We had a rehearsal in their backyard in Clayton the day before, simulating the layout of Caffe Luna. The big day arrived and we were ready to go. 
Kevin's nieces, Aubrey and Alaina, (not sure which is which) were our flower girls and took their jobs quite seriously. They loved being all dressed up and did a good job sprinkling the petals down the aisle.
Clayton Bakery made their cake.
Carter and Wyatt were our ring bearers. Holding on to each other, they made it down the aisle then were scooped up by their parents! That is Tess' brother retrieving Wyatt. Carter sat with his mom on  the front row of the other side.
  Tess' dad, Curt, proudly escorted her down the aisle. Look at all the cameras! 
Tess' brother, Cal, shared words from The Velveteen Rabbit and Tess and Kevin gazed lovingly at each other.
Everyone enjoyed a good laugh when I wiped Kevin's brow!
 Married at last!!
Kevin and Tess, what a great wedding you planned and brought to life. It was a lot of fun, your guests loved the ceremony, and now you are married. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wonderful day! Congratulations and I wish you all the best in your marriage.
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