Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Melissa and Chris are a dynamic couple who have definite ideas about what they want in life--and in their wedding! They were a blast to work with and we had to be mindful of keeping their ceremony to under 30 minutes in anticipation of the hot weather of their wedding day of July 6, 2013 at Brier Creek Country Club. When all was said and done, all the very important elements were included.
So, here is the Jasmine Court awaiting the arrival of the musicians--Arioso Strings--and the guests. 
Their reception was held in the Palmer room and all decked out with their color called "guava." The English Garden did the florals for the wedding.
Their lovely cake was by Ashley Cakes.  
Our musicians from Arioso Strings arrived and got set up 30 minutes before start time and began warming up--the instruments that is! It was plenty warm for us humans already.
Their DJ and Videographer, Damien Maas, put the video microphone and body pack on me so that my voice would be clear in the video.
Nicole with Premier Party Planners was on hand to be in charge of the day. Nicole and I have worked together in the past and she is really good and I really appreciate her expertise. She had gotten the guests from the lobby where they were congregated staying cool down to the garden and seated. Then she rounded up the wedding party. Here comes the groom!
Everyone entered down the center aisle from the pergola where there was shade.
Chris' parents, George and Belva, were the first to process down the aisle and take their seats.
Melissa's mother, Rita, was next. She was escorted in by her son-in-law, Clarence.
Now our pretty bridesmaids in their guava dresses. 
Before the bride entered, our two Ring Bearers, Bryson and Avery, made their way down the aisle.
The guests stood in honor of the bride as her father, Jim, escorted her in and placed her hand in Chris' hand.
 Their photographer is Christian Del Rosario with Attreo Studio.
Before they were seated, each guest took a stone from a basket to hold during the ceremony and infuse their blessings for Melissa and Chris into it then return it to the basket after the ceremony. The stones will be displayed in their home as a reminder of all who were present at their ceremony.
The parents stood as we paid tribute to them for all their love and support of Chris and Melissa throughout their lives.
Melissa's friend, Kelly, presented a reading from Richard Bach's book, Bridge Across Forever about soulmates.
Then it was time for their love story. They first met when salsa dancing in 2010 but both were too shy to ask each other out. Later on they both happened to sign up on e-Harmony and were matched up! It was just the jumpstart they needed. Their first official date in July of 2011 for the non-committal one-hour coffee date lasted 6 hours! Chris was smitten with Melissa's vibrant beauty, her bright smile and pleasant demeanor. Melissa was relieved to finally meet a man who was both very intelligent and handsome! It did not take them long to become a couple and embark on their lives together which included planning this wedding.
They chose the contemporary "I do" style vows and then exchanged rings.
After the vows and rings, Nanette Geiger, sang "Come What May" while the couple poured their sand together.
They added a unique twist to the sand ceremony by having a third bottle of sand that represented their future children and pets.
Melissa and Chris, it was my pleasure to work with you to create your dream wedding and officially join you in matrimony. I know your marriage will be enduring and immensely happy because you are such a good match. I wish you all the fun in the world! 
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