Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anna and Jason met in college (ECU) and became friends, then roommates and good friends. It was after Jason went home for the summer that they realized that they really cared for each other. And, so when he returned to school in the fall, they became a couple. They finished their degrees, adopted their dog, and moved to Raleigh for better jobs. Their relationship even survived buying and remodeling a house so they are pretty sure their marriage has stood the test! This past February Jason proposed after Anna dropped a few hints (or a few hundred) over the past few years. And then the wedding planning began in earnest.
They chose the date of July 20, 2013 and the lovely Wakefield Plantation for their venue. The day arrived with sunshine and plenty of heat and humidity with a slight breeze everyone was thankful for. This is the view from the ceremony site.
Their ceremony music was provided by this trio with The Music House. Paula is the vocalist and Johnny plays the dulcimer among many other instruments. Don't know the name of our violinist. They created some very pretty music for the prelude, processional and recessional. 
It is time to begin and so after the parents and grandparents were seated, Jason and I, followed by the groomsmen, marched in to take our places.
Then the bridesmaids entered one by one. Friend of the bride, Michelle, was our director.
Our sweet flower girl, Zoey, made her entrance sprinkling the petals. The ring bearer, Riley, was supposed to enter before her but no sign of him. I figured he chickened out at the last minute!
But, can you see that Jason and I are looking off to the left above? We spotted Riley on the sideline trying to decide to come in or not. We gestured him to come on and he scampered up front and got into his place before I invited the guests to stand for the bride! 
Kimberly Miller, the catering manager with the club, fluffed the train right before Anna and her dad, Hudson, began their walk in.
 Anna is such a beautiful young woman and a gorgeous bride! 
Their story was a lot of fun and we made sure it had plenty of humor. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially our Maid of Honor, Jamie, who is the groom's sister. I must have been telling something on her brother at the moment this photo was snapped.
Anna and Jason decided to include the Celtic tradition of handfasting where I bound their joined hands with a cord which represents their love.
I think here I am pointing out that their joined hands and arms form the symbol of infinity, blessing their marriage in the ebb and flow of the Universe.
 They made their promises to each other while their hands were joined.
Then I removed the cord and they placed their rings which symbolically took the place of the cord. Riley at this moment decided to check out what was going on!
 "You may kiss the bride!"
At our rehearsal, Jason had been a little shy about the kiss. But he got through it just fine. 
In all the excitement, Anna forgot her bouquet! Oh well, no big deal! 
They had the cutest wedding programs that were fans for which all the guests were grateful!
Our photographer, Elizabeth Burchette, was snapping photos of the bridal party.
Then it was time for me to get a shot with the bride and groom! Anna and Jason, it was a pleasure working with you. I thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day. May all the happiness in the world be yours!
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