Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anyone who knows me would say I am obsessed with rings, particularly engagement rings. I like cocktail rings and all kinds of rings but engagement rings I have a soft spot for. My favourite is the emerald cut, for a band I like the baguette-cut diamond eternity ring. So here's another passion post, feast your eyes on some beautiful engagement rings.....

Elizabeth Taylor

I have a facination with love affairs Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's being one of many. Burton's gift of the Krupp diamond to her means that if there were anyone who is the "head teacher" to give a master class in jewellery and engagement rings it's Liz Taylor! The Krupp diamond ring leads this post and needs no introduction. Assher cut, cult facet, 33.19 carat, D colour, VS1 clarity, originally named after Vera Krupp. It was bought for Liz by Burton for $305,000 and sold after her death for a staggering $8,818,500 setting the record price per carat at $265,697. After her death, it was re-christened 'The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond'. No wonder it was her favourite piece of jewellery. Needless to say more, a rock above the rest.

Blake Lively


I just love Blake's ring. It's simple and stunning. She wears a Lorraine Schwartz oval cut centre stone mounted on a rose gold diamond band. It's a paradox being such a rock yet it is so delicate in appearance and dresses her finger perfectly.

Beyonce Knowles aka Mrs. Carter

When her husband Sean 'Jay Z' Carter rapped on her track Upgrade you 'Cause that rock on ya finger is like a tumour, you can't put ya hand in ya new purse' he meant it! Hers is an 18 carat Emerald stone set in platinum. There's a nice contrast of the huge rock and the very delicate two bands that hold it together, bigger bands to me would have made the ring less elegant. It's so beautiful she announced to the world he 'put a ring on it!'

Heidi Klum

I'm usually not one for coloured stones but I liked Heidi Klum's Loraine Schwarts 10 carat, oval cut engagement ring from Seal. It's different and was the perfect way to end and unusual proposal in an igloo.

Melania Trump

As I said my favourite cut is the emerald cut. Melania Trump is perfectly poised and wears beautifully a 12 carat emerald cut ring with tapered baguettes either side. The perfect accessory for impeccably manicured nails. 

Victoria Beckham

I've said before Victoria Beckham is a woman after my heart! Most people have one engagement ring but she seems to have a few which she rotates emerald, pear, oval and assher.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeths 15.09 carat asscher cut diamond engagement ring from Arun Nayer was stunning. As if it wasn't enough of a statement she complements it with a diamond eternity band. 

Molly Sims

Molly Sims wears a cushion cut diamond halo ring which is mounted on a galaxy of smaller diamonds. I am rather partial to a halo and particularly like this one. There's a lot to be said for perfectly manicured nails, it really complients the ring especially in the bottom left hand corner, I love her nail varnish.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe keeps it simple and wears my ideal band, a baguette cut eternity ring. Hers comprises of 35 baguette cut diamonds and was given to her by Joe Di Maggio.

As I conclude this post I'm already thinking of the next. I'm not sure I've had enough of rings so for my  next post or in a future post I shall look even more into rings, cut clarity, carat colour etc.

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