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Jocelyn and Abe are such a good match for each other. They knew each other in high school in Bloomsburg PA but never connected. Abe was two years older than Jocelyn and back THEN she thought he was way too cool for her. Just as well, the timing was not right for either of them. Abe moved to Raleigh after school and started a band. Five years later his band was touring with a stop in Bloomsburg to see old friends. Jocelyn had just returned after completing college and was looking for employment. They just happened to both be at the same place at the same time to run into each other and ended up on the dance floor together. Abe remembers accidentally hitting her in the face while "dazzling" her with his dance moves – but, somehow she ended up liking him anyway! They saw each other again the next day and shared their first kiss; but then lost touch when Abe and his band returned to Raleigh. The following Christmas Abe was back in PA visiting family and called Jocelyn. They reconnected and from that day on they have been together although it was a long distance relationship until she decided to take the big step and move to Raleigh, which she did and has never regretted one minute of it!  
They eventually got engaged and set a wedding date of June 8, 2013 at The Oaks at Salem, a relatively new magnificent wedding venue in Apex built and operated by April Maness. They contracted with me to officiate for them and we co-created an amazing ceremony. They also decided it would be a wise move to take my Marriage Optimization class to be sure their marriage was on a firm foundation.  I really enjoyed getting to know these two and that is how I know for sure they are such a great match for each other! 
Sweet little boat for cruising around the lake. Although the lake looked calm and peaceful the day of the wedding and the sun was shining brightly, the few days prior the heavens opened up and flooded North Carolina. Do you remember? The lake overflowed and the walk around the lake to the big tree was just impossible because the ground was so spongy. Thankfully there is a Plan B so the ceremony was on the lovely patio under the tent with the beautiful lake in the background.
First thing I do when I arrive on site an hour ahead of ceremony start time is situate the sound for the ceremony. Here I plugged my mic into the house sound system and did a sound check. It was perfect. Thank you, April, for having the foresight to install a house sound system in the tent. So easy.

The florist was Tre Bella. Can you tell that I had a professional photographer "shadowing me" for this wedding? Amy Edwards with New Image Studios requested to do this since she is just getting into the wedding photography arena. I was most happy for her to provide these beautiful pictures and gave Marty the day off! What a difference professional skills and equipment makes! Thank you, Amy! 
Next thing was to locate my two witnesses and get them to sign the license. Above I am interrupting a photo shoot by their professional photographer, Nicole Faby, who did a fabulous job on this wedding. This was a shot of Jocelyn on the long white couch. Her bridesmaids wore the prettiest softest blush pink.
Jocelyn's sister, Jordan, and Maid of Honor, signs the license for me. I always try to do this before the wedding lest I forget afterwards and hate to interrupt the photographer. It is not legal until I sign it after the ceremony.
Isn't Elin adorable and she is only 4! She did a great job and I can see many more flower girl roles for her in the future!
What a pretty cake! Mitchell's Catering catered the reception and provided this gorgeous cake. Hi Bill, great job!
 They provided flip flops for everyone for dancing! 
Although Abe said he was not nervous, he does look a little bit nervous in this picture. That would be perfectly natural. He is used to being up in front of people though because he performs in his band New Sweat. Perhaps you have heard them.
So, he wanted to look over his vows again before the ceremony.
Aren't Parker and Jeffrey adorable? They had to be steered in the right direction but they made it down the aisle!
 So, Jocelyn's dad, Wayne escorted her in. He was so happy for her and happy himself. In the background is Nicky, Jocelyn's friend who directed for us. She did a great job.
And so we begin the ceremony. It was a lot of fun and there were tears and laughter in all the right places.
Whoa, what a picture! Fantastic, Amy! 
It's all over. Packing up to go. 
What a great wedding for an amazing couple. Love you two! Abe and Jocelyn, I wish you all the best forever and ever!

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