Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1. Do not Look Beyond The Two-Button Suits
Your most secure bet when dressed in a suit is a two-button. And when you go along with it with grayish or black colored, you will really have to try hard with other accessories to go wrong. Wear such a suit anywhere, for about any event. The overall tone of the color should be simple, not too dark and not too faded.

Fashion Style 2013

2. Bring On The Colors
Throw away the coyness, if you have any. Break the self-implied rules and go to your office in a shiny, various colored clothing. But take care it does not look like one selected from the roads, even if it is. Wear a trouser that is sober and levels out the whole look.

3. Dark Brown Shoes
Just like a grayish suit, dark brown leather shoes cannot be kept away from the stylish clothing collection. Your suit might be khaki or any other elegant fabrics, depend on your gray suit to make you look excellent.

4. Select Your Tie Carefully
It’s very simple to go wrong with the tie. Most Indian men pay special interest to the color and pattern of the tie, but neglect how wide or thin it should be. Well, it should not be excessive. If you are someone on the bigger side, thin tie should suit you awesome. Or else, go for ties with at most three inches extensive of size.

5. Shorter Is Smarter
Long jackets give quite a disheveled overall look. Do not buy overcoats which don't suit your shapes, as longer jackets would most likely be loose at the shoulders too. Short overcoats look ‘crisp’ and suit you the best.

6. Striped Shirts
Striped shirts look excellent on you in all seasons. Same goes for 2013. Make your choice consistent with the width and color of the stripes you want.

Men Fashion

7. Color Yourself Blue
Blue never stops to make you look superb. The mild shades would gel superbly with your looks.

8. Accessorize
Men’s accessories are hot nowadays. Buy a cool watch for yourself, use a tie bar and cufflinks to look a class apart and make your own style statement.

9. Wear The Right Jeans
Don’t go for too skinny denims. They look girly even with the manliest of shirt on top of them. Buy something that is more than skinny and less than slack.

10. Beard Up
Go crazy with your beard. A full-fledged beard, a stubble or French cut, try anything that makes you look mean. It is 2013, be sure you keep up with the fashion, sooner than catch up with it.

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