Monday, June 10, 2013

On December 18, 2012, I received an inquiry from Jen about officiating her wedding on May 25, 2013.  That popular date would normally have been filled months in advance but for some unforeseen reason had not been booked on my calendar. I know now that the Universe had been holding it open so I would have the wonderful opportunity to meet and join Jen and Steve in marriage. They live and work in the DC area but since Jen is from Raleigh, the wedding was here at the lovely North Ridge Country Club. Jen mailed the completed contract and check to me right away and we met when she was home for Christmas later on that month. Then we got started  creating their ceremony. I did not meet Steve until the rehearsal. He was perfectly content to let Jen do all the wedding planning and was, in his words, "keeping his head down low!" But, we got to know each other by email in the process of constructing their story for the ceremony.

The afternoon of the rehearsal was beautiful but quite windy and thankfully it calmed down some for the wedding. The temperature was extremely pleasant and the setting was gorgeous. Amanda Alberico, the event manager with the club, was so helpful and skilled in managing this event and directing the wedding.
It is my policy to arrive at the wedding one hour before ceremony start time. I set up my sound system and did a sound check while the musicians were tuning up.
Mary Block and her fellow musicians are Arioso Strings, always professional, always play beautifully, always a treat!
Fresh Affairs did the florals outside and inside the ballroom. Gorgeous. Note that the sun is creating a speckling of shadows and bright spots in the garden area.
 Love the silver gray  color scheme with the lavender up-lighting. 
The cake is by Simply Cakes. Susan, mother of the bride, added the flowers to give it the final touch. Also, this cake knife has special meaning and has been used to cut many wedding cakes. Engraved on it are the names and dates of marriage of Jen's family, now including Jen and Steve's.
Marty caught a good one of the guys standing around waiting to begin. On the left is Steve's father, Fred, and on the right is Jen's father, Bob. Steve is in the middle, keeping his head low!!
It was a full house! Some guests thought they would have to stand until I sent one of the groomsmen over to point out some empty chairs on the "groom's side." (These days it is rare to have "sides" except for the first and sometimes the second row reserved for family members.)  Robin Lin was their photographer and she had another great wedding photographer, Stacy Borelli, with her as second shooter. They had this event well covered!
Notice the guys are checking in with their cell phones before turning them off!
The grandparents and parents, bridesmaids and flower girls are getting lined up and ready to go.
Mother of the Bride, Susan, was escorted in by her son, Bobby, brother of the bride, and he returned to bring in the two ring bearers!
Next are the bridesmaids and flower girls! Jen is a nanny, and the flower girls, Ava and Sadie, are the two little girls she takes care of. They were so excited!
Bobby brings in his two year old twins, Danny and Ben. They had the real rings in that box too. There was special significance to this.  Steve proposed to Jen while they were visiting Bobby and his wife and their children, by handing the box with the engagement ring in it to Ben (I think) to give to "Jen Jen." And he did! So we just had to do that again for the wedding!
Our beautiful bride escorted in by her beaming father, Bob. He even left a 5 Star review of my services on and wrote on my Facebook page: The service was perfect and heartfelt by all. What a sweet man and wonderful father! 
I did not realize until I looked at these photos that the sun was shining right in Jen's face!
 A strong breeze would come and go! 
 Mopping up a few leaks from Steve's eyes!  
Steve and Jen, what a wonderful wedding! I will never forget it. Loved everything about it and especially getting to know the two of you! I wish you a very long and happily married life! When you have babies, bring them to Raleigh and let's do baby blessing ceremonies!

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