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Becky contacted me almost exactly a year ago about officiating her wedding to Paul on May 18, 2013 at The Pavilions at Angus Barn. So happy I was available because working with Becky and Paul was certainly a treat. They met at a party in 2009 that both of them almost didn't go to. But they did and spotted each other "across a crowded room" right away because they both are very tall and stood head and shoulders above everyone else. Paul slowly made his way over to this blonde beauty and they spent the evening talking with eyes only for each other. Their lives were forever changed that fateful evening and they have been a couple ever since. When Marty and I arrived at The Pavilions for the wedding, the weather was threatening rain but it held out and was very pleasant. Kelly Joslin and her assistant Sarah were in charge of this wedding and had everything under control, as usual! The staff does an amazing job and I love doing weddings there. 
 The tables were set and Another Level, a Sam Hill band, was setting up.
 The Mr. and Mrs. table! 
 Of course the menu is loaded with great food! 
They had a tabletop filled with photos of their many trips all over the world together.
They used a map in their color scheme of "apple green" for their guests to sign.
 Pretty wedding programs.....
 Clever cake topper--Paul is from North Carolina and Becky from Maryland.
Cake for cutting and the cupcakes are by Sugarland
Time for the "First Look" and I am so happy that Marty happened to be watching and snapping these photos from a distance. Paul is facing the other way as Becky approaches.
 Cyn Kain, our photographer, follows. 
 Lindley is ready to sprinkle the petals. 
I show this photo because it is a very interesting way of dressing the table with two table cloths. Apparently the top one is a square and each corner is fashioned into a knot. It holds securely and no danger of being blown off by the wind or swiped by a dress.
 Dave Spencer from Save the Date Music provided music for the ceremony.
Simple yet elegant! 
The guests assembled on the terrace prior to being seated at the ceremony site on the water.
I have noticed that every rehearsal and wedding lately, the young ladies are all wearing the beige/nude patent shoes of every heel height. The shoes do go with everything!
 The Pavilions staff having a pow wow on the audio system for the ceremony.
They know I bring my own microphone and have their bodypack ready for me to just plug into. Couldn't be easier. Then they control the sound. 
All the guests are seated. The parents were seated last but not part of the processional. Paul and I head in.
The groomsmen followed and stopped along the sidewalk. As each bridesmaid walked up the "aisle" a groomsmen offered his arm and escorted her down the steps then they took their positions up front.
 Lindley and her Uncle make the long walk! 
She was adorable. She threw one petal at the time so it took her a while to get down the aisle!
Standing in honor of the bride. Usually I have all the guests sit while the bride walks from the pavilion so that the groom can see her. But in this case, since Paul is so tall, he could see just fine!
 Becky's father, Keith, transferred her hand into Paul's and had a few quiet words!
And the story began. There was a lot of humor because Becky and Paul are such a fun couple and gave me lots of good material to work with! Afterwards Becky's father told me he had never heard the whole story of how they had met before and really enjoyed hearing it.
Paul is a die-hard Wolfpack fan so Becky promised to wear red from time to time and not to cheer too loud or gloat when the Tarheels win!
The ring exchange. 
Before the pronouncement of marriage, I asked them look at each other and feel the happiness of the moment and let that feeling really register in their hearts and minds. Then I asked them to gaze around at all their loved ones and take that scene in because they will never see that particular scene again.
 It is The Pavilions tradition to ring the bell when a couple is married!
Do notice what tall and beautiful people Paul and Becky are. I am 5'5" and had on 3" platform shoes! 
Congratulations, you two!! I know you are going to go far in both your careers and in creating a wonderful marriage that stands the test of time! I wish you the best of everything in life!

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