Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alexandria and Chris contacted me in December for their June 1, 2013 wedding at Brier Creek Country Club. Alexandria described them as a mellow couple who are pretty much homebodies but they knew they wanted to get married. They have been together for about 5 years and originally met in New Jersey where she was working at a Starbucks and he just happened to stop by one day. Alexandria, who never met a stranger, had a way of bringing out Chris' normally shy personality and Chris was intrigued. So intrigued he felt bold and asked her out. He was living in New York City and going to school so their dates involved a 45 minute drive one way or the other until she finally convinced Chris to move in with her. Then when Chris graduated in 2011, he landed a job in Raleigh and within a 3 week time span they found an apartment, packed up, and hit the road. Chris proposed at the going away party their friends and family arranged so the move to Raleigh was really a new chapter in their lives in many ways. Then they started planning this wedding.
This glorious array of sweets (candy bar) was provided by Sugar Lumps out of Wilmington. Don't ask me how Alexandria found them--she is just amazing at what she pulled together and was totally driven by what they wanted, not by any prescribed protocol!
Arioso Strings provided beautiful music for the ceremony while Randy Bennett with Joe Bunn Company DJ set up for the reception in the Palmer Room.
A chair with photos of their departed loved ones. Especially missed was Alexandria's mother.
 At about 5 minutes before the ceremony start time, we got outside and lined up.
Alexandria was so funny! She was so ready and eager to get married she wanted to start the ceremony 15 minutes early--but, the guests had to be herded from the lobby to the Jasmine Court first!
Isn't he a cutie? Age two and he made it down the aisle--in a hurry--with Daddy not too far behind!
 Alexandria was escorted in by her Uncle John.  
Alexandria and Chris, great couple, great wedding! I wish you all the happiness in the world, and--lots of babies! Call me for the baby blessing ceremony!

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