Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On a breezy chilly afternoon,  March 7, 2013, Cassandra and Raphael and their families arrived at my wedding garden. Cassandra had contacted me in January explaining that she and Raphael originally planned just to go to the courthouse and get married then found out their parents were interested in coming to North Carolina to join them on the big day.  I did not know until they arrived that both the bride and the groom were born and raised in the Montreal area of Canada and both sets of parents traveled to NC from there. The temperature was in the mid-50s which they told me felt like summertime to them! I heard a lot of French language spoken as well.  
So, we all gathered in my garden where only the camellias were blooming and the green leaves of the Confederate Jasmine provided a backdrop for the arbor. The leaves don't start sprouting out until about the first week in April. 
 Typical scene and why I don't always bother to put chairs out! 
Cassandra and Raphael told me they were both pretty shy and only wanted the simplest of civil ceremonies and that is almost what they got. I added a family blessing for their parents and Cassandra's grandmother who was with us too!
 This is their beautiful daughter, Leah, with her maternal grandmother, Bernadette.
I also included a blessing for Leah and stepped out from behind the couple to speak to her and tell her how much her parents love her and how they are so happy to be a family of three.
Cassandra's ring was so tiny! 
I pronounce you husband and wife. Please begin your adventure with a kiss!
The whole gang! (Can  you believe the sleeveless dresses?!)

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