Thursday, March 21, 2013

John McDonald, or Johnny Mac, as his friends call him, is an innovative guy! I happen to know him because we sing in the choir at church together. So, why would I have him on my wedding blog? 
John works at Xylem, Inc., a company which makes high-end custom cabinets and architectural millwork. He thought it was such a waste to throw away the scraps of fine wood they have left over and thought of some way to use them. So, he came up with wooden bow-ties and boutonnieres.
He even crafted a wooden top hat for St. Patrick's Day! 
The bow-ties have a ring of elastic that slips over the head and under the collar. With another scrap he made a piece of wood that peeks out of the pocket like an handkerchief. I think these unique bow-ties and "hankies" are great gifts for the groom to give his guys for the wedding day!
This St. Patrick's Day boutonniere attaches by way of a pin glued underneath. John can be reachead at and his phone number is 919 418-1732. I am sure he would be happy to show you some samples and custom make any of these items for you!

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