Thursday, October 18, 2012

I knew when I met with Kristy and Vaughn on February 4th to plan their wedding on October 12, 2012 at All Saints Chapel that they would be a fun couple to work with! They are so vibrant, so enthusiastic and have lively personalities that mesh really well together. I loved working with them to create their terrific ceremony that was so much fun for all of the wedding party and guests at the wedding. We had a lot of good laughs!
When Marty and I arrived, just about everything was ready. The English Garden had the aisle floral arrangements in place and the altar beautifully decorated. Kristy's bouquet was added to the altar table because she did not want to carry it down the aisle since she was being escorted in by both her father and stepfather, making it awkward to carry a bouquet. She did want to recess with it though. They were doing a sand ceremony too. Diane, with the chapel, lit all the candles before the guests were seated by the ushers. Cannon Catering was getting set up in the back of the chapel and in the little room off the altar, they were making the salad plates. Smelled really good in there when the guys and I crowded in right before we took our places! The reception was in the chapel after the chairs had been moved and tables set up. The guests were sent downstairs to the lower level for cocktails right after the ceremony. Brian Darocha with Unlimited DJ Service was all set up in the loft. I always enjoy working with Brian! Our photographer was AJ Dunlap and she was assisted by her husband Kyle who carried all the equipment.  The couple hired Katee, a new wedding planner getting started. She did a very good job but does not have a website for me to link to yet but I do have her email. Thanks, Katee!
Then it was time to get started. First in from the front were the groomsmen and I, then Vaughn honored his mother by escorting her in then joining us on the altar. The lovely bridesmaids followed.
Waiting for the bride! Their little "sign-bearer," Eli, was standing up front holding a sign that said "Here Comes the Bride" but you cannot see the sign in this photo. 
 Vaughn stepped down and retrieved Kristy from her two fathers and we began!
 What a gorgeous train! Just beautiful! 
We had two readers, Angie and Stephanie. 
Several of their friends believed that Kristy and Vaughn would make a great couple and urged them to get together. They did "friend" each other on Facebook, but the timing apparently was not right for them to meet in person until March Madness in 2011. Kristy was watching Carolina play basketball at Rudino's one night and casually told Vaughn her plans, not seriously thinking he would really show up, especially since she was with seven of her girlfriends. But he did! As a result they set up a first date for a few days later. After that date, Kristy told her mother that she wanted to marry this guy and six months later started thinking "wedding" before she even got a ring! And that, she says, is how she planned this wedding so quickly!
They had each told me in private why they wanted to marry the other and heard those reasons for the first time on their wedding day. They have a great sense of humor and it was definitely reflected in the ceremony!  
 They poured their sand together.....
 I know it is a blurry picture but it is the only one I have of the pronouncement! 
 Yay! The kiss!
The "after" shot of the Unity Sand Ceremony. The first layer was poured by me to symbolize the spiritual foundation of their marriage. Then they layered their sand on top.
Kristy and Vaughn, I simply adored working with you two! You make a wonderful couple and I know you are going to have a great marriage! I wish you the best of everything!

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