Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rebecca evidently put Shon in charge of making all the arrangements for a minister to marry them because he called me last June to find out if I was available for their wedding date of September 29, 2012. I was delighted that I was. They were planning a small elopement type wedding with no more than about 20 guests. We made all the arrangements via email and US mail and started working on the ceremony to  make it meaningful and exactly what they wanted. Finally the big day arrived. It was softly raining and we were all glad that the wedding was indoors.
I never knew this lovely conference center existed. It is tucked away in Garner off Greenfield Parkway. Rebecca works here and decided the chapel would be an ideal wedding venue for her  wedding. I don't know if this facility could be rented by other couples for their wedding or not. It is beautiful and spacious.
Dean Brown, The Dean of Photographers, was there to take photos and we surveyed the lovely room all set up for the ceremony at one end and the reception at the other end. It was so very cozy and warm with lovely views of the outdoors.
I met Rebecca and Shon for the first time when Marty and I arrived for the wedding. A huge photo of Rebecca and Shon hung in one of the windows.
 And so it was time to begin. 
 The deed is done and they are now husband and wife! 
Congratulations, Rebecca and Shon! Your wedding was lovely and I am honored to have been a part of your special day. May your lives be filled with an abundance of love and happiness!

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