Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daniella first contacted me in July about marrying her and Jason in August. They wanted something near a lake or a garden at sunset. I suggested my wedding garden and they loved the idea. Daniella is originally from Scotland and moved here with her parents in 2006 but they have since moved back to Scotland and would not be able to come to the wedding. Jason thinks of them as his parents too as he has been on his own from a very young age. Jason and Daniella are expecting their first child in February so she wanted to have the wedding while she could still fit into a wedding dress. I was most happy to include the "unborn baby blessing" in their ceremony.  The date got moved to September 28, 2012 so that they could bring their friends Brett and Heather to the wedding. The wedding was supposed to be at 6:00 but they ended up not arriving until almost 7:00 so they got their sunset/dusk wedding as you can see in the photos. They are such a sweet couple and so happy to be together.
Brett is signing the marriage license for me while Daniella is slipping on her dress with Heather's help inside the house. Jason is apologizing for being so late. It all worked out okay though!
 She's ready to get married! 
In the unborn baby blessing I ask them to place their hands on the baby while I say the words of the blessing.
 Saying their vows......
 The exchange of rings......
I declare you husband and wife!
I have just hit the bell in the arbor for the kiss and it is swinging back and forth so fast it is a blur.
 So thrilled to be married, as last! 
 The whole wedding party! 
Daniella and Jason, you make a great couple and your unborn child is very fortunate to have such loving parents. I wish you the very best in life!

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