Monday, October 29, 2012

Amy and Jerry wanted a small intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family members. They had both been married before and had no interest in going through extended wedding planning and all that entails, much less all the fanfare and hoopla.  So, they invited their guests to their "engagement party" at Rey's Restaurant on October 27, 2012. Little did their guests know they were actually coming to their wedding! They hired Michelle Gunton to photograph the event and she called me on the 18th to see if I was available to officiate for them. Fortunately I was and so Amy and Jerry and I connected and started on the ceremony. Thanks, Michelle! After officiating a wedding at Caffe Luna at 6:30, Marty and I rushed to Rey's where Michelle and Jerry met us while Amy was changing into her wedding dress.
After meeting the couple for the first time, I collected the marriage license and the rings, and pinned the boutonniere on Jerry.
The next step was for me to enter the private dining room and surprise the guests with the announcement that they were actually guests at Amy and Jerry's wedding that evening. They were all surprised and grinning widely. We all gathered down in front of the fireplace; the bride and groom entered and the ceremony began.
I don't know how Marty got this picture with "special effects," and she probably could never duplicate it, but I love the expression on Amy's face and the blurriness of the colors.
Amy works for an oil company and Jerry owns an oil transport company. They met when Amy walked into his office in Michigan to learn about DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). Jerry was smitten but Amy was headquartered in North Carolina.
It was several months before Jerry could get to NC for their first date but when he did, they both knew they were meant to be together. From that point on they became almost inseparable despite constant traveling on the job for Amy, starting new divisions and weathering storms in the corporate office!
What a kiss! Jerry was just about to dip her! 
Look at this cake by Sweet Memories Bakery! Although it serves as their wedding cake, it could not look like a wedding cake or it would have given away their surprise. There is even a little German Shepherd like their own Inga!
Marty and I don't usually get to see the cake cutting and the bride and groom feeding each other! It had been a long day so after I got the marriage license signed, Marty and I said our good-byes.
Amy and Jerry, this is THE one! I know you are so happy and will have a wonderful and enduring marriage! I wish you all the best ever!

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