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Tina and Travis both graduated from Apex High School but their paths never crossed. Apparently the timing was not right. It was not until they were in college in Charlotte did they meet through a mutual friend. And so they became friends hanging out in the same crowd. It was Travis who asked for Tina's phone number one day. She had not an inkling that he was interested in her as more than a friend and it was a good thing because it took him over a month to text her. But, once they started dating, it was a sure thing that they were meant for each other. Eventually, after finishing school, getting jobs and moving to Chapel Hill, they decided it was time to get married. So, on June 7, 2014, they did!
The setting was the lovely Highgrove Estates. The spacious garden ballroom was ready! 
Greg Kennedy of Brides and Bouquets did the lovely florals including the hydrangea balls hanging in the pergola and the mason jars stuffed with flowers lining the aisle. 
This pretty cake creation was furnished by Sweet Memories Bakery
One of our bridesmaids was a former bride of mine! Courtney and Nik's wedding at The Matthews House on March 12, 2011 and referred Tina and Travis to me. Thanks, Courtney and Nik!
Eric Mills with Stylus was our DJ. I wore the lavaliere mic he had for me since I had to dash out quickly after this wedding to sing in a concert. The sound was perfect.
More of Greg's pretty touches for the ceremony. 
This brooch bouquet was on display in the house. I don't know what the meaning for it was because the bride carried live flowers, but it was stunning! (Addendum 6/15/14: Mystery solved--just received a note from Melissa, friend and former co-worker of the bride, who made this lovely brooch bouquet as a surprise gift for Tina. It has a couple of pins that belonged to Tina's grandmother and was on display on the Memorial table. Thanks for the explanation, Melissa! And what a beautiful job you did. I know from some other brides that putting this together can be a real challenge!)
Let's go, Travis! 
Come on, Tina! Mike proudly escorted his pretty daughter down the aisle!
A little goodbye kiss for Dad and we began......
The parents' blessing brought tears to the mothers' eyes! Most of the time it does! 
Aren't those hydrangea balls spectacular? At one point during the ceremony I could stand in the shadow of one of them and keep the sun from shining directly into my eyes. Most of the time I could not and so in these photos where I look like I am grimacing, I am really only squinting!
Everyone loved hearing their story. At first Tina and Travis were not going to include it until they realized most of their guests really did not know how they they happened to meet and fall in love. I am happy they changed their mind. The story is where we get to throw in some sweet humor and get folks laughing. Makes the ceremony just that more memorable.
After they heard what the other had told me about why they loved each other, they read their vows to each other from my book.
Travis's knuckles were a bit swollen on this rather warm day and his finger was coated with lotion to make it easier for Tina to get it on his finger---and she did!
Travis slips the ring easily onto Tina's finger. 
It was my honor to pronounce them husband and wife!
They had practiced! 
That is Tara Parker in the background snapping the photos as the couple made their getaway!
A quick snapshot of the three of us before I changed clothes and got to my concert! Tina and Travis, congratulations! What a great wedding! You did it! I wish you all the best in life!
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