Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 20, 2014 is the date Karen and Sean chose to get married. They had considered using my garden but the logistics to coordinate their apartment clubhouse just did not pan out. It was a good thing though due to the weather.
The afternoon was  filled with pop-up showers and just as Karen and her dad were coming from her apartment to the club house they got caught in one of the showers. Rain on the wedding day is considered good luck. Some believe the rain drops are God's happy tears. Others believe that the rain is a cleansing of the relationship to begin the new marriage. 
After the bride handed off her bouquet, I invited the guests to come in closer to us. 
A warm welcome to all and a prayer from First Corinthians to honor Sean's Christian heritage.
Like many good love stories, Karen and Sean's began over 10 years ago when they were both seniors in college in Ohio. From the beginning they found that they have similar values and really like each other! They are a good fit and can talk about anything and everything. The relationship blossomed into love somewhere along the line and they ended up in North Carolina. They always knew they would marry and today was that day surrounded by the people most dear to them. Karen's sister, Allison, was even with us via the internet while physically stationed in Afghanistan!
 "With this ring I marry you and pledge my heart to you!"
 Explaining the breaking of the honor Karen's Jewish heritage. 
 The pronouncement of marriage........
 "Mazel Tov!"
 Ah, the kiss! 
The shower had passed by the time the ceremony was over and left the grounds glistening clean and fresh! What a lovely couple you are, Karen and Sean! My best wishes for a very happy marriage!
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