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Heather had her eye on Zack from a distance years ago when they were in high school, but he was a senior and she was intimidated by upperclassmen back then. So, she "semi-stalked" him until one day in the parking lot when her car wouldn't start. He happened to walk by on the way to his car which was conveniently parked next to hers and she asked him if he would help her with her car. He did not of course tell Heather that he knew practically nothing about cars and lucky for him, it started on first try. At that point he became a bit suspicious that this pretty girl maybe liked him? Soon afterwards they went on their first date on January 13, 2007. It was not long before they became inseparable. Many years later, after both finishing high school, college and grad school, they could finally marry and reap the benefits of all their hard work and dedication to school and careers. They chose their wedding date of June 8, 2014 at the fabulous venue, The Cotton Room in Durham. They are such creative people and loved the opportunity to write their own ceremony with my guidance so we were a great fit and soon after our meeting in December 2013, began crafting their sweet and funny ceremony.
The beautiful wedding day arrived and Marty and I feasted on all the artistic touches for this wedding. It of course was a given since Heather is an art teacher! And then there is Pinterest!
Triangle Catering provided the food, the decor, and their director, Amalie Sarnecki-Ackley, who also did the pretty florals for them.
 Shannon of Maxi B's Bakery in Greensboro made this pretty cake. 
 Love the topper of the bicycle built for two with their names on the front wheel!
 Their story in brief--details to be filled in by the ceremony! 
 Wishing tree....
Guest book!
Ran into the guys at the elevator. They were in fine spirits! On the left is Justin, our best man. On the right are the two fathers, Mark and Jeff. Standing with me is Zack! They are ready for the festivities to begin! 
Isn't this simply gorgeous? Love the fireplace filled with candles and the strings of large hanging bulbs. These all belong to Triangle Catering/The Cotton Room. The chandeliers too. In fact they also have black ones that go with black chair covers.
Michelle Allred, owner of Triangle Catering and The Cotton Room, has thought of everything a couple needs to have a fabulous wedding at The Cotton Room. 
Alex Choi with VoxDJ Company provided the sound for me and music for the reception. 
Udeshi Hargett, a very talented musician, provided the heavenly music for the ceremony. She also wrote up the story of Heather and Zack on her blog!
 Amalie got us all lined up to process in. The bride is hidden away in the hall. 
Our Best Man, Justin, and Maid of Honor, Hannah, and our flower girls, Anna Grace and Rachel are ready to go. 
 Jeff, Father of the Bride, transferred Heather's hand into Zack's hand and we began! 
After the ceremony, drapery is pulled open and the tables and chairs arranged around a dance floor. You can see Thomas Whited with It's Pronounced Films videoing the wedding in the back. 
 The story has begun!
 The story of the proposal.....
 Looks like they are having a good time and really enjoying themselves, as they should be on their wedding day! 
 "Although it sounds corny, Zack, Heather is so ready to be called your wife!"
 They read their vows to each other and exchanged rings. 
 Probably the only real traditional part of their ceremony was the Unity Candle.
 The big moment.....
Our photographer, MaryBeth Clouser, led us through the second floor hallway of the building out around behind onto a platform next to the railroad tracks for photos. Heather and Zack, you had your dream wedding and all your hard work, artistic ability and diligence really paid off. Thanks for letting me be part of your big day! Congratulations!
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