Thursday, June 5, 2014

Australian celebrants do not miss this opportunity to do you Ongoing Professional Development with our very own Susan Gallina and The Gordon TAFE.

OPD can be a task that every busy Celebrant dreads for the simple fact that we are all so time poor, but if it's a great topic and something that will help you reach potential clients, then it's definitely worth the time.

Don't miss getting in early for Susan's 3 hour session on 'Creating and Maintaining a Social Media Presence' (And also includes a further compulsory 2 hour unit.)

If you've ever wanted to master social media and learn how to do it efficiently and effectively, then this is the course for you.

Check out the dates below and register by emailing

You will be contacted within the next two business days to confirm the enrolment and payment process. 

Or call (03) 5225 0800 for enrolment enquiries.

Sydney, CBD
 Package 9
Compulsory activity 2014 (compulsory legal module)
Creating and maintaining a social media presence
 Sun 27/07/2014
10am - 3.30pm
Adelaide, Novar Gardens
Package 9
Thurs 19/6/2014
4pm – 9:30pm
Perth, Northbridge
Package 9
Sun 14/09/2014
10am - 3.30pm
Gold Coast, Currumbin
Package 9 
Sun 2/11/2014
10am - 3.30pm
Adelaide, CBD
Package 13
Compulsory activity 2014 (compulsory legal module)
Presentation skills
• Evaluating your service
Sun 7/12/2014
10am - 3.30pm

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