Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sarah and Ryan are an easy going couple, so comfortable with each other. Might be because they have known each other for 5 years. Might be because they both grew up in Virginia and their families still live there. They met in college (in Virginia, of course) during Ryan's freshman year and soon became a couple throughout their college years. Following graduation, they both ended up getting jobs in the Triangle and decided it was time to get engaged and plan this wedding for June 15, 2013 at The Umstead Hotel and Spa. Their wedding day weather was ideal and I was looking forward to working with the Catering Manager, Kelly Ann Ward, again on another fabulous wedding. She does such a great job keeping everyone organized and every detail handled.  Thanks, Kelly Ann! 
Their wedding was at 6:00. I arrived at 5:00 and as usual, the sun was shining brightly on the chairs and "altar" area. Had their wedding started at 5:00, all the guests would have been sitting in the hot sun and it would surely be shining right in my eyes.
 The string quartet provided by Arioso Strings got set up and were practicing.
George, the sound man at The Umstead, and I have worked together now for years. My microphone plugs right into the body-pack of his sound system and we do a sound check to get the volume just right. 
While I was locating the bride and groom, Marty went inside to scope out the reception room and the floral decorations by Simply the Best from Martinsville VA. Their photographer (Steve Sheppard) was also from Virginia but Daniel of Ginger Beard Video Production is in the Triangle. Yes, that is "beard" not "bread" because Daniel sports a well groomed ginger colored beard!
Cinda's Creative Cakes provided the lovely cake. 
Back to the courtyard. It is about 5:30 now. Notice as the sun sets in the west behind the hotel, the demarcation line of sun and shade gradually moves east.
It is 6:00 and time to begin! Rebecca, mother of the bride, was escorted in by Ryan's brother, Alex, also best man.
Ryan entered with his parents, Erik and Dina. 
As each groomsman entered he gave Ryan a High Five! Not planned (as far as I knew), just happened.
Sarah's father, Mark, was beaming as he escorted in his beautiful daughter!
I am happy to see that the Father of the Bride paid attention during the rehearsal when I told him to look down and watch where he was going so he did not trip on the bride's train as he took his seat!
Notice here how the ceremony is entirely in the shade now and the sun is illuminating the water and trees behind us. Makes for a beautiful wedding setting.
Remember to smile, girls! Sarah was enjoying herself and the story of how they met and fell in love.
I was not aware of the faces Ryan was making until I saw these photos! He is a funny guy and I think making funny faces must be one of the traits he is famous for!
Now they are all smiling! Must have been something funny I said about the bride and groom--or a funny face Ryan was making!
 Look at Ryan's face! No wonder the guests laughed a lot! 
 The serious moment of the pronouncement of marriage!
Thanks for being such a great couple to work with, Sarah and Ryan. I know your life together will be filled with lots of laughter and love! 
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