Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello dear followers and brides who use my blog to plan your wedding:  Today I ran across this blog post by Rev. Spike Gillespie in Austin TX and I thought it was such a good article, I asked her permission to re-post it here. She graciously consented and I thank her very much. Her blog is Austin Wedding Officiant.  Not only is this advice great and with which I heartily concur, I love the photos of the pups in this wedding! 

When I meet with prospective clients, I like to emphasize that I try hard not to issue unsolicited advice. I then usually wind up offering at least a few bits of unsolicited advice over the course of the conversation. Okay then, I guess I still need to practice.

The reason I try to bite my tongue unless asked is that I think a lot of couples get hit with tons of advice from well-meaning but overzealous friends and family members. It can feel like too much, and in some cases it can feel like downright pressure is being exerted. You know, it's YOUR wedding, so you should, as the old BK commercial went, Have it Your Way.

That said, since I'm in this business, I've amassed an awful lot of helpful information over the course of performing 300+ weddings and commitment ceremonies. I know some really great vendors and musicians. I know the inside scoop on PA systems and what you'll need. I know shortcuts. I know how to run interference in tricky family situations. So I offer, as an added extra (which I do not charge for) to field questions that come up, make references, and show up a little early to just be an extra pair of hands the day of. Sometimes, I go crazy and really get involved-- like driving dogs home after the ceremony so they don't get overwhelmed at the reception.

Today, I have a few bits of unsolicited advice-- yours to take or leave. If you are getting married in April or October 2013, HIRE YOUR PROFESSIONALS NOW. This is not a ploy for me to get business. My April is nearly booked full (though I have a few openings) and October is getting there. Also, with global warming wreaking havoc on the weather, I find that these days more couples are looking at March and November (used to be that April and October were the "June of Texas," since June can be pretty warm). I think I've had about 15 requests for October 6th. I perform up to four weddings per day (though most often three is my max) and even still, that means I had to turn away nearly a dozen couples.

Another thing-- consider the heat. Seriously. I am totally down with doing outdoor weddings in summer, I do them all the time. And I'm pretty sure you can save a bit of money booking venues in the dead of summer. But if you're going to ask your guests to endure the heat, especially if they are from out of town, it's a very good idea to have water set up beforehand, water they can take to their seats. Fans aren't a bad idea either. I did a wedding the night it hit 109 degrees-- honestly, it was pretty nuts. You might also consider keeping the ceremony short so you can all get into the A/C quicker.

Okay, enough with the advice. For now. But if you do have a question you'd like me to answer here, just shoot me an email. Or:

Original idea for Cake Pops! 

I think this pup would agree that weddings can be exhausting!
Thanks, Spike! 

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