Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little did Destiny and Joey know that June 30, 2012, their wedding day, would be the record-breaking hottest day (so far...) of the year with a high of 107 degrees! Thankfully Jaclyn Parks, the events manager for the club, found a nice shady spot for the ceremony at the Wakefield Plantation Golf Club and there was a little breeze. The couple and I met back in March and began creating their special ceremony. They both answered a few questions for me from which I crafted the story of how they met, fell in love and decided to marry. I also found out what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage that I included in the ceremony. We had the rehearsal in the same degree of heat the day before. Their wedding party was huge and amazingly, everyone was able to get to the rehearsal and learn what their role was. I told them that I would be very "ministerial" on the wedding day but at the rehearsal my role was "drill sergeant" so we could get it done efficiently and they could get out of the heat and enjoy themselves at the rehearsal dinner. They were all in agreement with that and I thank them all for their focus and attention! 
This is the view of the Wakefield Plantation clubhouse from the rear overlooking the golf course and the ceremony site to the side. The bride entered from the second floor door on the right where the reception was to be held and walked down to the second landing where her father was waiting to take her the rest of the way. 
So thankful that the ceremony area was in the shade. I set up my sound system and their keyboardist plugged into it so that she could have more volume. Her name is Pam Myhill and her husband Larry was there to help her. Pam and Destiny know each other from the school where Destiny teaches. 
 Too hot for golfers today!  
After the mothers were escorted in and lit the candles representing the couple, it was time for the guys and me.
First of the girls in down the aisle were Ashley and Macy, daughters of the groom. In the distance is our little ring bearer, Kye, who was being consoled by his dad and never made it down the aisle--but that's okay.
The rest of the bridesmaids entered the Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor with her daughter, Reece bringing up the last of them. The flowers were by Melodie at City Florist.  Our photographer was Keith with Keith Tew Photography
 A very large wedding party! 
All our pretty maids in a row waiting for the bride! 
 I love this sweet photo! 
I asked Dad the question then he placed Destiny's hand into Joey's hand and gave her a little kiss and everyone was seated. 
Look at all those handsome men. The best man, Larry, is Joey's father. I think it is such an honor and  a tribute for a man to ask his father to be his best man.
After the welcome, prayer and parents' blessing, it was time for Ashley and Macy to step forth and receive the couple's blessings. I think Destiny choked up a little there. The girls call her their "bonus mom!"
Yep, it was hot all right and hankies were in order to mop up the perspiration. I even had to pause to wipe my own brow later on!  
Their story went over very well with the guests and everyone enjoyed hearing it. They said their vows to each other then exchanged rings.  
I held the glass hurricane cover up while they transferred the flames from their individual candles to the Unity Candle then placed it over the candle to protect the breeze from blowing it out. .
 I now pronounce you husband and wife! 
And off they go! Into the cool locker area to begin with while the guests departed to the reception room. For a change, there was no lingering around outside!
Destiny and Joey, you are a beautiful couple and I wish you the very best! 

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