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At The Wedding Gurus we spend hours looking through blog posts, Facebook pages and tweets in order to find interesting, unique stories and up to date information to bring you. Every now and then we come across something that stands out from the crowd and our next post definitely did that!

'The 3am Wedding' by Michelle Wichello really caught our eye and we just knew that we had to share it with you all.

Michelle  also just happens to be one our many fabulous celebrants from 'Blessed Be Ceremonies' as listed on our 'Celebrants' page.

We hope you enjoy this story as much as we did and don't forget to check out Michelles page for other great stories.

3AM. The wee wee hours of a Wednesday morning in Autumn. An auspicious time for South Australian couple Crystal & Chris. A waterfall. A hill to climb before reaching it. In the dark. A celebrant, two witnesses & a couple of confused police thrown in for good measure (something blue?).

Are they vampires or something? No, they are not. 3am is just a very special time for them as 1 year and 1 day ago at 3am, the Groom proposed to his Bride.
“When I arrived in the car park at 2am on the morning of the ceremony, I was met by the couple and their two witnesses being questioned by the Police.” Explains Michelle Wichello of Blessed Be the celebrant called upon to unite these two in sleepless matrimony. “My first thoughts were **** after all this preparation we’re not going to be able to go ahead with their wedding.  The bride had her white dress hitched up around her waist and was sporting runners for the walk up the track to the second falls, the groom was in a lime green suit (well it was St Patrick’s Day) and the police men wore the biggest grins that I had ever seen. They must have thought we were bonkers. After convincing the police that we were indeed there to perform a marriage ceremony, the officers departed with the words, “mate, all we wanted to tell you was that your tail lights are out.”

They set off into the pitch blackness of the bush with torches swinging on the dreaded uphill walk to their chosen site. While Michelle set up her equipment, the best man ran around stringing solar fairy lights and lanterns. With the place looking totally magical and the sound of the falls running in the back ground they performed their wedding ceremony. Beautiful, intimate and full of laughter and fun.

Michelle says it’s “A ceremony that I will remember forever. Thank you to the crazy couple who had this mad idea. Oh yeah, they also chose for me to pronounce them as ‘partners in crime’.” What an awesome (and dedicated!) way to infuse your story, your love & a little of your nuttiness into your wedding day.

The Wedding Gurus  xxx

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