Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1. Venus flytrap
Strange Plants in the World
This is one of the most famous plant predators. Unlike other similar plants, it is really a hunter, long lie in wait for their prey, and then instantly shutting the trap.

2. Sarratseniya
Strange Plants
Plant-predator of Indonesia, its color and unique scent lure to trap small insects.

3. Obese spurge (Euphorbia obesa)
Strange Plants
Poison subspecies of cacti, appearance resembling a ball.

4. Dragon fruit
Strange Plants
In addition to the strange shape, this cactus is able to give an unusually tasty fruit tastes like a mixture of strawberries and pears.

5. Sundew
Strange Plants
This is one of the most common carnivorous plants. They grow all over the world and has about 100 species, most of which lives in Australia and New Zealand.

6. Amorphophallus
Strange Plants
This is the largest and most foul-smelling flower in the world, growing it on most of the islands of Indonesia. People also called corpse flower, snake palm, as well as a lily voodoo.

7. Cabbage Romanesco Broccoli.
Strange Plants
This subspecies is common cabbage, with a rather strange appearance.

8. Baobab
Strange Plants
One of the amazing plants of our planet. During his appearance went down in legend, literature, often depicted on the stamps, paintings, posters.

9. Velvichiya
Strange Plants
Desert plant of South Africa. The trunk of this plant looks like a thick stump about three feet in diameter, but most of it is hidden under the ground. There is underground and is the root of the plant up to three meters.

10. Raffleziya
Strange Plants
This flower is a parasite, not only looks rather strange, except that it emits a putrid smell unbelievably horrible.

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