Monday, November 7, 2011

Okay, I write this just as a reminder, because I know that you are all very thoughtful and responsible people who know to TURN YOUR PHONE OFF before a ceremony. It occurred to me to write this because I recently officiated a Baby Naming Ceremony and just as we were at a quiet reflection time in the ceremony where each guest was placing a stone in a glass vase and making a wish for the child, the Godfathers phone began to ring VERY loudly and to my horror, it was not the annoying, but normal sound of a Nokia tune, it was that awful “I’m a tits and Ass man”!
His shock and embarrassment caused him to fumble for what seemed like forever to turn it off as myself and the other guests looked on in horror.
Please try to remember to turn your own phone off prior to a ceremony and if it is your ceremony then be sure to remember to tell your celebrant or priest to remind the guests to turn theirs off at the beginning of the ceremony. Don’t become another statistic! That poor guy will never live that down.

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