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Welcome to the wedding of the gorgeous Ben and Daphne. This is however so much more than a beautiful wedding, it is their story in pictures and we thank them so much for allowing us to share it with you all. We will be bringing you their story in two parts becuase the photos and captured moments were all so beautiful we couldnt leave any out!
Daphne comes from a very close Greek family who supported her wholeheartedly from the very beginning and while Ben is from an Australian Catholic background they were able to have their ceremony in a Catholic church and incorporate some of the Greek traditions throughout.
With some of the most amazing and inspiring photos, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed working with Ben and Daphne to bring them to you and we can’t speak highly enough of the fabulous team at Impressions Photography Studio, what an amazing job they have done, we’re sure you will agree.
This is truly one of the most amazing wedding photos we have ever seen

The couple put in a lot of time and effort in creating the perfect invitations for their special day

Pre Wedding  
The perfect Bride & her Bridesmaids:
 What a unique idea of creating personalised matching tshirsts and even one for mum. At the end of the night when feet were tired and dresses uncomfortable the girls changed back into their matching outfits. We think this is such a cute idea.  

Pre Wedding
The handsome groom & his groomsmen:

The Accessories:

The stunning flower arrangements were from 'Tulips by Vanessa' who just happenes to be Daphne's Godsister

These fabulous peeptoes with diamonte encrustud bows can only be Tony Bianco

The Bride

Absolutely Stunning! This photo of Daphne would be at home in Vogue.

Daphne's dress with its unique splash of colour was by Caleche

The Bridal Party:

The classic suits and pink ties were from Peter Shearer Rundle Mall

Their Families:
Daphne with her mum and dad Alan & Mary Sclapsti

Daphne with her 'Yiayia' (Meaning nana in Greek)
Ben with his dad Gerald and his brother Dan

Presentation of the Bride:

It is a Greek tradition for all of the women of the family to attend at the house while the bride is getting ready.

It is also a Greek tradition for the bride to smash a glass as she leaves her parents home to signify that once smashed it can never return to it’s former glory, symbolising the couples wish to never return to the time before they shared their lives together.

Daphne’s mum, already emotional, throws rice and sugared almonds over her as she leaves with her father, to signify good health and fertility in the marriage. The connection of the almond with renewal and fertility is clear and the sweetness of the sugar represents purity and the sweetness of marriage.

To be Cotinued......
Part 2 will follow in the coming weeks, each photo more inspiring and breathtaking than the last, so ensure you follow us to recieve updates!
For all brides planning your wedding, part 2 is definitely not to be missed!

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