Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lorraine called me on May 13th to see if I could officiate hers and David's wedding the following weekend.  We chose 2:00 PM on Saturday the 17th 2014 in my wedding garden. Perfect. They were going to head from here to the beach to celebrate. They asked two friends to meet them here to serve as witnesses. 
 When we were ready, I processed in from the deck into the garden. 
 Then David and Lorraine entered together. 
 We had a few laughs! 
 They made their vows to each other.
 Then exchanged rings!
 A closing blessing. 
 The pronouncement of marriage! 
 I asked them to seal their union with a kiss then reached around to ring the bell on the arbor. 
 Such a photogenic couple! 
That is some "rock" David gave Lorraine!! They say diamonds are a girls best friend! 
Lorraine and David, it was my honor and my pleasure to join two people so in love in matrimony! I wish you the very best in life and all the happiness you can stand!!
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