Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Local weddings are easy, well somewhat, done by hundreds of brides every day with so many suppliers and so much in the way of guidance for planning – it’s hard to go wrong! But what if you’re a bride planning a destination wedding in an exotic location like Bali, Mexico or Thailand…having that wedding cake delivered might get a bit tricky! And we know when every bride starts planning the first thing to happen is the mood board and no bride wants to compromise on their DIY vision! Getting all those DIY trinkets, think jam jars and origami cranes, “on location” is tricky and brides often have to settle for the ‘cookie cutter’ package the resorts offer, or suffer the cheesy props local hire places have on offer for crazy prices – try $12USD per candle in Mexico! Although destination weddings shed their fair share of stress comparatively there are more stresses involved that most brides don’t even realise until the last minute. The team at Pack and Send have paired up with destination wedding experts to bring you the top 5 musts when planning for a destination wedding

1. Thinking ahead – A destination wedding doesn’t just mean jetting off and forgetting about everything! As well as the wedding plans and your own travel arrangements, your guests are likely to be travelling a long distance also. Don’t forget to think about their travel, accommodation and giving them all the necessary information about the local area. Best thing to do is sit down and write a to-do list of all the arrangements that need to be made, including travel, shipping, purchasing props and shipping. Next, assign responsibilities and deadlines to each task. This way, you’ll banish that bridezilla and make the day stress free!

2. Budgeting – From the onset, decide what’s important to you to take and what’s not. Trying to lug everything across the world is a hassle and not to mention expensive – especially if you have to pay excess baggage fees just to get your dress and veil across. So look into what is light and easy to send (think DIY faves such as fairy lights, jam jars, origami cranes and chalkboards), and think about what is most important to you and really adds to your vision of the day.

3. Getting ‘The Dress’ there – it’s your pride and joy but how are you going to get it there in one piece? There are a couple of options – you can place it in your luggage, pack it in a special box, carry it on board the plane and ask a nice flight attendant to care for it or even wear it on the plane – imagine the sight! However you take it there, bring a portable steamer with you or check if your resort has one if you’re dealing with a different shaped outlet (see you really do have to think of everything).

4. The location – Do your research into the customs policies for your destination. Some countries don’t allow fruit, wood or other items, so make sure the DIY items you plan to take are allowed in the country.

5. Shipping – No bride should have to give up on the details – they’re the bits that everyone remembers! Excess baggage fees can be ridiculous, so do your research and cost comparisons and find a shipping company which suits you. If you’re going to an exotic location in the middle of nowhere, check out PACK & SEND, which will send absolutely everything and anything anywhere. Anywhere? YES ANYWHERE.


For those of you planning a destination wedding,  PACK & SEND are generously offering one lucky winner a $150 Voucher for your destination wedding shipping needs. 

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