Sunday, December 16, 2012

Neko and Garrett are a laid back, forward thinking, and non-conformist couple who first found Rebecca Dunn of Events by La Fete who helped them narrow down their venue to the NC Museum of Art on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh for their wedding on December 15, 2012.  From there Rebecca and the couple assembled an amazing team of vendors: Watered Garden Florist, Arioso Strings for the ceremony, GiGi's Cupcakes, Walters and Walters Photography, and Steve Stowe with Joe Bunn DJ Company for the reception. Rebecca referred them to me and we met in September to start planning the actual ceremony. They were excited that they got to choose what I would say at their ceremony and that the ceremony would be very specific to them.
The NC Museum of Art is a beautiful spot for a wedding. I have done one wedding outside just to the left of the entrance to the West Building which is right ahead of me in the photo above. Neko and Garrett's ceremony was originally planned to take place in the original museum--East Building--but when the time came for their ceremony, the facility was all decked out with Christmas decorations which did not mesh with their decor for the wedding! So, the Museum gave them an "upgrade" to use the new building gallery for the ceremony, something that may never happen again, I was told! The reception was always slated to be in the new building from the beginning. Rebecca called me the day of the rehearsal to tell me the new arrangement.
So, this is the beautiful space for the ceremony. The wedding color was "sapphire blue" and the artwork on the wall could not have been a more perfect match. Rebecca and I are talking back and forth right before I set up my sound system and did a sound check.
Mary Page Block, violinist, owner and master organizer of the amazing Arioso Strings, was on hand taking some photos with her cell phone for the Arioso Strings blog. She is so personable and her musicians are so professional and reliable. I love having Arioso Strings provide the ceremony music.
 Kinsley, our flower girl, is making a trial run down the aisle before we started!
 GiGi's cupcakes were on display in the reception area which was near the entrance to the right in front of the Iris Cafe and gift shop. Steve Stowe was set up in front of the amazing moving tree. 
Okay, the guests have arrived and been seated. The bridesmaids and bride have been whisked over into the reception area from the East building where they got ready. Rebecca has the parents and groomsmen all lined up in the adjoining gallery.
Garrett's parents, Tammi and Greg, start in. Tammi is saying to Greg "you are really going to walk down the aisle with a tripod??" He did! During the ceremony I saw why he needed the tripod as he was taking a video of the wedding.
The guys and I entered. That is Neko's mother, Laurie, and her grandfather in the front row and my sound system to the right. I love it because it is light and easy to set up and the sound was perfect.
Time for Kinsley to sprinkle her petals down the aisle--right! Mom did it! So sweet! She was very quiet during the ceremony and I was not aware she was even there.
Waiting for the bride....
Neko's father, Lance, proudly answered my question by saying "Nicole Joy brings herself with our blessings."
Neko and Garrett have a great story about meeting on but the real highlight was Garrett's spectacular proposal at the Dorton Arena during Winterguard trials when he proposed to Neko in front of everyone! 
Garrett is having trouble getting his candle to stand up in the candleholder after the lighting of the unity candle! But he made it work!
 The pronouncement of marriage!
 Not a great shot of the kiss, was a good kiss, or two! 
 And they are married!  
Neko and Garrett, you were wonderful to work with once we got started! What a great wedding you had. I know you are so happy to be married and on your honeymoon at last!

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